Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

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Hi Huneybees,

The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (NAPBAS) just ended this evening in Kuala Lumpur and big thanks to Nuffnang for letting me be part of the big event~

This is the first time I am blogging from overseas and I am writing this blog post from my hotel room (eating my room service Caesar Salad) in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel. The connection's not so good here, so I'm just gona be posting this group photo I took with some of the Singapore bloggers and Nuffies who were present tonight. Do stay tuned to my blog for more photos to come.

Tonight, I am giving you the results first hand, the winners for the respective categories are:

Best Parenting Blog - Childhood 101 (
Best Geek Blog - Geekout (
Best Photography Blog - Photoblog  摄影札记 (
Best Food Blog - LadyIronChef (
Best Fashion Blog - Cheeserland (
Best Lifestyle Blog - Jenni Epperson (
Most Original Blog Design - Eat, Show and Tell (
Best Travel Blog - Just Wandering (
Best Entertainment Blog - Beautifulnara (
Best Micro-Blog - @Kennysia (
Hidden Gem - Googly Gooeys (
Most Influential Blog - Xiaxue (
Region's Best Blog - Xiaxue ( Xiaxue was so happy to receive the award a second time and she teared up on stage...

Congratulations to the winners, all their hard work has paid off!


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