Huney'Z 2nd November

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Hi Huneybees,

Friday just passed and I'm missing it already... Nicholas was so sweet, called me the moment he's "free" and came to fetch me for some tai tai tea time. Woots! Convertible with a steady driver, I like!

We drove to Dempsey Hill and tucked ourselves away at the P.S. Cafe. Cosy corner for Gossip Girl time without the paparazzi. LOL! We bitched, we chatted, we laughed, we had tea and sweet sweet desserts. Totally engrossed with the bitching, forgot about photo taking! But mainly, we were a little distracted by the squirrel amongst the tree. It was jumping from tree to tree, picking rambutans to eat and throwing the seeds on the ground. (Please don't hit us.)

After the catching up, lovely Nic sent me over to Nuffnang for the G+ Rooftop Party. Love the breeze brushing lightly against my face, but a little shunning the stares from pedestrians. Thanks for the ride and see ya soon Nic! (Know you are not feeling well today. Do take care....)

Saw Jeremy at the Nuffnang office and asked him to help snap a pic for us. :)
Bye Bye!
Yipee! Arrived at Nuffnang's office le!!!

Spotted bloggers already "fighting" against each other.

It's already said it's a rooftop party of course it's on the roof! From 2nd floor, we went up to 9th and guess what, swimming pool! Guess by now, everyone would be asking if Nuffnang's hiring right? They have Playstation at work and now a swimming pool by the night sky?!

After a little makan session, we were introduced to the new G+ "nannies", Gabby (left) and Jayne (right). Babes right? Hurry go sign on to be G+ bloggers lahs...

OK, you know the weather's been pretty bad in Singapore these days right? Rain and rain non-stop. We had to move down back to the office, sob sob, no more rooftop....

We continued with the dining at buffet table, but mainly we spent the time in front of the TV screen, "fighting" against each other on the Playstation.

Even I took a turn too!

I was glad to meet up with bloggers I've not met before and also catch up with bloggers that I've met before. It's been a while since I've met Joey (She became pretty ~) due to mummy curfew issues and also glad to see Hong Peng recovering from his dengue fever.

We had a great bonding time and realized one thing. Girls play game screaming and shouting wondering why I couldn't punch, kick, etc. But the guys were like pros, playing with the console on the lap, expressionless and ultimately, "killing" us...

 Clarence played super well, winning every game he played. Hmmm, what's the secret combination??? X,O,〉,Δ,O,X?

 It was great chill out time, making friends and bonding, playing games and enjoying good food. I do hope there's more to come? Nuffnang, will there be more? 

I shall end the entry with the X'mas tree that was set up in Nuffnang's office. Disney themed X'mas tree, super duper uber cute max!


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