The Largest Display of Hand-Painted Elephants

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Hi Huneybees,

As part of its celebrations for the first ever Asian stop of the Elephant Parade (Positioned to make art accessible to all visitors of the mall, Elephant Parade aims to help raise awareness about the need to secure habitats for the Asian elephant), VivoCity had successfully set a new entry into the Singapore Book of Records for “The Largest Display of Hand Painted Elephants”. I was super duper happy to be part of the event as I have been going round Singapore in search of the elephant displays (upcoming posts).
Mr Chang Yeng Cheong, General Manager of VivoCity shared, “VivoCity is proud to be the Grand Patron for Elephant Parade Singapore and we are thrilled to be able to bring our shoppers together and leave a mark in Singapore’s record books. We appreciate this opportunity to contribute towards raising public awareness about the plight of the Asian elephants and we hope the message resonates with everyone who is engaged through the exhibition.”

Participants were given 10cm blank elephant sculpture and paint to work with. It was a huge family event and it was fun to see every family having fun, putting in their every creative juice into the small 10 cm elephant. I was painting and hubby helped with photo taking.

This was a great time for the young to learn and develop creativity, learn about team work and also a great time for the young and old to bond, pulling the generation gap tighter together, all breathing as one. I also had a great time painting, being with some many people, making friends and kids were talking to me. Made me wana have kids soon (Hehehehehe...)

I fingerprinted colours on my elephant as every single elephant is unique like our fingerprints. Not one is similar, so do your part in saving them. Check out for more information on how to help.

Three of Singapore's highly acclaimed artists, Mr Paul Koh, Mr William See and Ms Ye Ruoshi was at the event. They are among the artists from across the globe who have had the opportunity to work on elephant sculptures for the exhibition in Singapore and their designs were displayed at VivoCity. These artists used their very own distinct style and application of art techniques and aesthetics to create the elephant designs.
Paul Koh of Catmasutra shared, ““The elephant parade is the perfect way to bring people closer to nature and the Asian elephant as well as animals that share our planet. It is also a good way to connect with the public through art.”

After watching some amazing performances, we had to stop painting on the elephants to let them dry, before bringing them on stage.

Four hundred forty three (443) participants displayed their artistic flair by painting individual elephant sculptures simultaneously at the Amphitheatre of Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination before assembling them together to form a herd of four hundred forty three elephants on stage.

That's mine!

There were some elephants that caught my eye, zoomed into them for some more photos. They stood out amongst the rest and some were even painted by the kids! So creative!

The event was capped with the presentation of a S$5,000 donation to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, raised from the S$10 registration fee each participant contributed.

The 25 elephant sculptures adopted by VivoCity include those designed by international and local celebrities and artists such as Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint and celebrity Chef Bobby Chin.The Elephant sculptures are on display at VivoCity’s Sky Park and The Plaza till 6 January 2012.

Thank you Vivocity for the invitation and letting me be part of the big Singapore event.


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