Shirtless guys!

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Hi Huneybees,

Yesterday was super hot hot hot weather and even hotter in Orchard Road. With the upcoming new flagship store Abercrombie & Fitch at Knightsbridge, comes the PR stunt of 40 shirtless guys standing right outside the shop.

I "rushed" down to Orchard Road with hubby to catch a glimpse of them and guess what, I even got to pose for photos with them!

He was so nice, I asked whether I could hug him, he told me you could do anything you want. O.O*
And a few steps away, Topshop hosted their own advertising campaign by inviting Shan and Rozz to host the hourly lucky draw.

In my opinion, the campaign was pale in comparison to that of A&F's next door. 

Here are also some of the interesting things I have encountered while doing my window shopping along Orchard Road.

H&M is all ready for X'mas.

We passed by Cineleisure and we each made a wish.


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