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Hi Huneybees,

Piquadro has launched their very first Southeast Asia stand-alone boutique at Vivocity! They are an innovative Italian leather house specializing in business and travel items. All their products are the essence of Italian handicraft workmanship, made of quality top class hides, combined with 3 distinguishing values that inspire the brand: design, functionality and technology.

The Piquadro brand is for this reason highly appreciated, in Italy and abroad, by young professionals and executives, both men and women with a keen eye for Italian style, quality and performance. The origins of Piquadro date back to 1987, and to the vision of Marco Palmieri, who is the President and CEO. The name Piquadro means P squared, with P standing for both Palmieri (the surname of the founder and current Chairman and CEO) and “pelletterie” (leather goods). The company’s headquarters are in Italy, near Bologna, where the design, project, product planning, acquisition, quality control, logistics, marketing, communication and distribution take place. Piquadro is available in over 50 countries worldwide.

With the new boutique opening, Piquadro had a catwalk to present their bags and also introduce their 2011 fall winter collection Sartoria, a refined selection of professional leather products that are entirely handmade in Italy.

Before the fashion show began, Issac and I went around snapping photos. *As usual*


Every Piquadro collection offers a wide range of cutting-edge professional leather goods where the originality and elegance of the Italian style is combined with calculated practicality and reliability for business, travel, and the intense pace of contemporary life. The added value of a Piquadro accessory is summed up in the “Tech Inside” concept, which translates to ease of use, optimization of space with innovative organizational solutions, content safety and easy transportability. The leathers used are appropriately treated to highlight their texture and prevent wear and tear. They are combined with the latest generation technical fabrics to create products that are aesthetically recognizable, elegant and essential. Classic colours sit side by side with seasonal tones, creating a series of versatile products that meet the modern and sophisticated taste of the most demanding users.

After the show, we had a little treat before heading into the store to look closer at the beautiful bags.

I find the bags very versatile, useful for travelling or work. There are lots of compartments in each bag and I'm a sucker for compartments, super easy for me to categorize my stuffs and find them easily. If you are looking for a bag that can match your everyday needs, I suggest heading down to Piquadro!

Piquadro boutique is located in VivoCity #01-113.

I'll leave you guys with more photos of the Sartoria and other collections...


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