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Hi Huneybees,

Did you see my previous blog post about my favourite Muppet? Then, I guess you would have anticipated that I would go and watch The Muppets right?

You can read all about the movie, synopsis and trailer on the link above. I wana share some photos I took at the premiere that day and what I feel about the movie after watching...

I wasn't feeling superbly well that day, vomited the night before, but I still went down for the movie, coz I wanted to support Miss Piggy and her friends. Who can resist all these "Rainbow" cheeriness right?

So, when I arrived at Cineleisure, I was welcomed by this huge media board and the friendly staff handed me super lots of props to take photo with. I opted for just a flower? Hubby was parking the ride, so I had to take the photo on my own, but well, it's a pity if I did not take picture with the media board!


I love the movie lots! Although in the beginning, it seemed a little childish, Hubby and me were wondering if we made the wrong choice and perhaps I should have brought nephew along instead. But I can tell you in the end, I laughed, I smiled, I even teared up a little while watching the movie.

You get romance, comedy, action all in one movie! This movie kinda reflects on what happens to actors/actresses when their glamour moment is up, what happens to them and sometimes all you need is some motivation to set things right again.

The biggest surprise in the movie would be Jason Segel's and Amy Adams' performance. Who knew they could sing and dance so well?! The movie is very much like 'Glee', where emotions were sang and performed by the Jason, Amy and The Muppets. The songs were all original and a couple of the song got me humming to it for the next couple of days.

Other than the singing and dancing to watch out for, another thing would be the spotting of cameos of popular actors and actresses from the Hollywood scene. Hubby and I did a little naming game on the side, see who can "shout" out their names first. :)

Overall, The Muppets is a movie for all ages. Young kids can get to know who The Muppets are and the rest of the family can reminisce their Muppets Show moments with the familiar songs like 'Rainbow Connection'. And yes, the moments I teared up were actually the times that I remembered myself sitting in front of the TV watching and dancing to the characters. Sigh... Those were the days I was young, carefree and all I did was enjoy.....

The Muppets open in cinemas 8th December 2011, so why not make a date with your family and have some good laugh?

P.S. Why not paint on some Muppets inspired colours before heading to the cinemas? Check out my review on the O.P.I Muppets Holiday 2011 Collection here.


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