Huney'Z X'mas

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Hi Huneybees,

This X'mas was super fruitful for me! I got to catch up with my family and also friends and even made new friends!

The drink for the night.
How can we miss the log cake. We were stuffed, but everyone had to have a slice of the sweet delicious cake.

So nice to see the kids having fun!

Jiselle was so sweet to play a couple of tunes for us, while we sipped our wines...

Throughout 2011, I made friends from blogging and attending events. So, after my family gathering, I met up with them for the X'mas day countdown at TAB. Shan't say too much, just wana share some photos of us that day....

Arriving at TAB.

Thanks to Amanda for the wonderful cookies and candies...

Dirty dancing with lotsa love.

Thanks you TAB for the wonderful music!
Then, on X'mas day, hubby brought me to dinner at a friend's Italian restaurant, Bella Pizza at Robertson Quay. It was great to be just the two of us enjoying our little romantic dinner.

Appetizer: Buffalo Cheese

Salad: Spinach with prawns and avocado.
My Gnocchi

Hubby had Italian Sausage Pizza.
Satisfied customer heading to town for a little X'mas strolling after dinner.

Big thanks to friends, family and especially Hubby for the wonderful X'mas presents! Love ya all! 


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