STGCC 2014 Has Wonders For Fans At Every Corner...

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Hi Huneybees,

Today is the first day of STGCC - Singapore Toys, Games, Comic Convention. I'm always excited when it happens and this year, I met up with old friends, made new ones and of course, added on much more items to my collection. I went in my Adventure Time BMO dress and had a fun time taking pictures with the cosplayers...

More cosplayers....

Every year, I try to do things a little different and this year, I had interviews with some of my favourite artists. It was a pleasure speaking to the masters and as usual, I had autographs to add to my very own Wall of Fame.

Had a hearty chat with Evangeline Neo of evacomics and she even did a little portrait of me!

I also met Matt "Sekure D" Fabris again, checked out my favourite resident artist Simone Legno's tokidoki booth, as well as dropping by the GnB Comics booth to say hi to my poly mate -  Gary Choo. He has recently done cover art for a series of MARVEL comics and you can find him at the booth for a sketch! :)

Well, of course not forgetting the toys aspect... This is just a sneak peek of what went down today. It's getting late, I need my rest for tomorrow's early Day 2 trip of STGCC. It is the last day of the convention, so be sure to head down and catch you guys there!


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