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Hi Huneybees,

Staying Forever Young is every ladies aspiration. Though we always think that our face and neck is the only tell tale signs of aging, did you know that your breasts is also another sign?

Our breasts age much faster than the rest of our body? According to a study done by Steve Horvath from UCLA, it confirms that breasts age much quicker than other parts of the female human body, some of which start at the age of 25. Hence, when breast sagging begins, women tend to look much older than they already are. OH NO!!!!  w(°o°)w

Of course, the perkier your breasts are, the younger you look. How does it work? You can simply get this free bust meter from Triumph counters and  place it against yourself. The Triumph's bust meter was derived from a study done by Laurence Kirwan, who has managed to categorise the ptosis (drooping) of a woman's breast into 6 different stages ‐ from the position of your nipple being more than 2cm below the inframammary crease (IMC) to 2cm above it. Thus, this bust meter by Triumph acts as a predictor, as it becomes a productive tool in terms of evaluating and measuring the result of each woman's bust age.

There are many different factors leading to saggy breasts, this problem does not only involve ladies with bigger breasts, every lady should take care of their own assets. 

Lucky for the Truimph, we can now target each problem with their new collection - Forever Young. It is positioned to help women to maintain a youthful look at every stage of their life. This new collection boosts of better support. lifting the breasts and I liked that the backing is thick enough to push and prevent the extra lumps on the back, creating a slimmer silhouette even on the back!

Across each of the three styles, extreme comfort, superb fit, non‐slip straps and lasting support is guaranteed to provide extra assurance and all‐day confidence.

The Natural Support features elegant mesh cup edges that blends in beautifully with bust contours for effortless enhancement. Whereby Shape Support has an advanced diamond cup design for a rounder bust shape and a French cleavage with new innovative soft U‐bone at the side panel to provide comfortable and extra stable support.

And if you are big breasted like me, you will love the Super Support series,  where the smoothing high side panels, additional layers of crescent fabric and a ‘stay‐in-place’ back design with non‐slip straps will help support and lift your breasts up and eliminate the back bulges.

Event launch hosted by Andrea de Cruz.
See more of the bras at work on these models as Truimph fuses innovative shaping fabrics with stunning lace or mesh combinations and advanced design features, creating a ‘fashion‐meets‐function’ range to instantly lift and contour for a fuller, more voluptuous bust shape and a younger profile.

Be it under the sun, the Forever Young collection is here to help solve your problems and being an Autumn collection, the palette is a pretty dark tone to suit your clothes. And not forgetting those end year annual dinner, dresses and gowns galore, shapewears are not to be missed if you want to show off that devilish figure of yours. 

They are not only made with Lycra Beauty for stretchiness, it is also made with advanced Novarel Firming fabric a nylon micro‐fibre which contains active principles that facilitates skin shaping, firming and toning. It has also been scientifically proven that in the span of 28 days, 95% of women have been able to experience a firming effect on their skin, while 98% and 96% of women respectively, have been able to achieve softer skin and a lifting effect was experienced.

The Triumph Forever Young collection is now available at all Triumph and major stores, retailing from $109 onwards. Go get yourself a free bust meter and instantly transform your décolleté with the right bra from the collection.

Inspired by you, tailored for you... Forever Young!


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