Travelling Around The World During Heineken Cities Festival

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Hi Huneybees,

September arrived with plenty of good news and fun for Huney'Z World. At the end of August, we traveled around the world with Heineken, as Ann Siang Hill and Club Street was transformed and sectioned into 6 major metropolitan cities - New York, London, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, Shanghai and of course, Singapore.

It was an epic night of fun for partygoers like me at the Heineken Cities Festival. This first-of-its-kind Singapore street festival had exciting performances from Brazilian samba drummers, break dancers, face painting and internationally-acclaimed DJs.

I went decked in my new LED lighted up pair of sneakers, (*tuned to green light) and went around exploring the "world" with my limited Heineken Cities edition bottles. I even bumped into Noel Boyd!

The festival was also held to celebrate the launch of the new Limited City Edition Heineken bottles. We had fun "collecting" the bottles, the drink is still the same, but now it has become a special collection that you can share with your friends! Do look out for these special bottles and here's ending the post with more photos from that night...

“The Heineken Cities Festival celebrates the various worldly experiences in Singapore by bringing to life the different sights and sounds from various top cities across the globe. We hope that it will inspire all to explore their city and venture out of their usual routine to embark on their own legendary adventures.” --- Rene de Monchy, head of marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Thank you Heineken for the wonderful night!


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