"Live Young Now" With evian Water

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Hi Huneybees,

"Live Young Now" with evian® water! It's time to throw aside our stressful life and live in the now for awhile. 

This week  evian® water is launching a new initiative to help Singaporeans “Live Young Now.” This new campaign sets out to bring spontaneity and the joys of youth back to Singapore after recent news that the country is the “unhappiest” and “most emotionless” in the world. (*WHAT?!)

To do this, evian® will give away over 200,000 free, spontaneous experiences to Singaporeans all across the island throughout September. A few lucky Singaporeans will even have the chance to meet the evian® Live Young ambassador, Maria Sharapova, when the program culminates in October! More can be found here --- http://www.liveyoungnow.sg/

Come join me and LIVE YOUNG NOW!!!


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