Be Entertained This Weekend At Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014 From Around The World!

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Hi Huneybees,

TWO DAYS LEFT! If you haven't experienced the myriad of amazing buskers yet, you've still got this weekend to catch them live before it's too late!

The  Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014, which run from 6th Sept till 14 Sep 2014 (Yes tomorrow last day!!)  has some of the world’s best street performers from monkey puppeteers to sword-eaters (yes, you read that right!), and to amazing jugglers!

Here are some of Huney'Z World's top picks for this year's Sentosa Buskers Festival:

"The Amazing Drumming Monkeys"
An adorable variety show from Down Under aimed at young children and kids at heart, these monkeys drum, dance, do magic tricks to the delightful crowd. I particularly like the environmental message that "The Amazing Drumming Monkeys" brings regarding recycling.
Catch "The Amazing Drumming Monkeys" in Singapore for the very first time! This unique children's show has entertained thousands worldwide! 

"Mr Banana Man"
Pierrick St-Pierre from Canada entertained the crowd with his specialties, which include hat manipulation, mime, slack rope and superb interactive comedy (my favorite!!)


"Tuto Tul"
Tuto Tul from Argentina is no stranger to Sentosa Buskers Festival, having been here last year, brings his Circus style shows and comedy entertainment in his magical suitcase to his audience!



 "Aerial Manx"
If you are into dangerous act, be sure to catch the Australian Aerial Manx who is also dubbed the "King of Sword Swallowing"performing chilling act of sword-swallowing! Not just does he swallows sword, he does it dangerously by flipping through the air with a sword thrust down his gullet.
Among his other acts include playing with crystal balls, plays with fire sticks and flaming whip, which could get you killed if you enters his performing parameter!!

 "Grumpy Queen Vic"
Watch your words when you're at the Sentosa Buskers Festival, or you might upset Grumpy Queen Vic. She can get nasty if you get too cheeky! This is a living statue act from UK.

"The Tripping Man"
Another living statue act from UK but this character seems to have been frozen in time by being magically suspended in mid-air in a gravity-defying pose.

Scores of buskers will be found up and down Palawan Beach, so here's where they'll be!  
Plan your visit by checking out the schedule here:

Get your family and friends down to Sentosa for a weekend of fun-tastic times at the Sentosa Buskers Festival 2014, from today till 14 Sep 2014 and be wowed by their funny antics and wacky skills!

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