11th Girl Twist On All New Season Of MTV’s Hit Matchmaking Series "Are You The One?"

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Hi Huneybees,

“If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it?”  

It's was fun to watching MTV’s hit matchmaking experiment, Are You The One?”.  I get to make the matches and each week, I would check in to see if I got the answer right as the plot develops and this season the show is returning with a special twist.... 

The show will follow a group of 10 single women and 10 single men (who are self-admittedly horrible at relationships) jet off to Puerto Rico in the hopes of leaving their bad relationship habits behind and surrender to their perfect match. 

Prior to arrival, the singles will undergo a rigorous matchmaking process involving in-depth interviews and compatibility testing, using a team of professional matchmakers, psychologists, and the contestants’ family, friends, and exes. An ideal match for each person will be selected – the catch is that the results are not revealed. The singles will begin their quest to find their perfect match in the house. If the entire group succeeds in finding their matches during the season, they’ll walk away not only with love, but their share of one million dollars. All 10 couples must match, or they’ll all go home without the cash!
Adding to the drama this season is a twist that will make finding the perfect match more challenging, as an eleventh girl will join the house as a double match for one of the guys. It’s a “race to the relationship,” as our eleventh girl will be immediately eliminated from the game if she fails to find her perfect match before her female counterpart matches with her man. The “eleventh girl twist” is sure to keep the house and fans guessing as love triangles, partnering possibilities and co-ed drama abound. How well can they play the game when their hearts are on the line?
This season’s cast has a tough act to follow, as last season’s group went “10 for 10” and all correctly paired up with their perfect matches. The show’s matchmaking formula proved to be on point as fan favourite Ethan Diamond proposed to his perfect match, Amber Lee, during the reunion show earlier this year, and now the couple is expecting their first child in December. Ethan, Amber and the entire first season cast will return for a one-hour baby shower/reunion special on Sunday, 5 October at 7.30pm (WIB), 8.30pm (SG) and 9.30pm (MAL) and Saturday, 11 October at 10pm (TH) as a lead up to the second season premiere. In addition, viewers can catch season one recaps of the episode where Amber and Ethan first met, the finale episode and the reunion episode where Ethan proposed to Amber on Sunday, 28 September at 7.30pm (WIB), 8.30pm (SG) and 9.30pm (MAL).

So, be sure to stay tunes to more updates and insider news with this season’s relationship seekers:

Alexandria, 23 - Carlsbad, CA, Twitter: @chickalexx
Ashley, 21 - San Marcos, TX, Twitter: @Laurashall93
Briana, 21 - San Diego, CA, Twitter: @blacuesta
Christina, 24 - Broomall, PA, Twitter: @cleblanc1121
Ellie, 23 - Hamlet, NC, Twitter: @whaattaafoxx
Jasmine, 22 - San Diego, CA, Twitter: @jasipen
Jenni, 22 - Burnsville, MN, Twitter: @Jennkneekay
Jessica, 22 - Elmsford, NY, Twitter: @JSECRETZ
Paris, 22 - Denver, CO, Twitter: @eikeparis
Shelby, 21 - Derby, KS, Twitter: @shelbyyardley
Tyler, 21 - Boston, MA, Twitter: @Tabron27
Alex, 23 - Los Angeles, CA, Twitter: @alexphillips
Anthony, 22 - Lombard, IL, Twitter: @A_Bartolotte
Brandon, 25 - Las Vegas, NV, Twitter: @Tindell10
Curtis, 24 - Cardiff, CA, Instagram: CurtisHadzicki
Dario, 21 - Narragansett, RI, Twitter: @dariomedrano01
Garland, 22 - St. Louis, MO, Twitter: @Modelboi12
John, 22  - Champaign, IL, Twitter: @jmousti
Layton, 25 - Greenville, MS, Twitter: @lwjones1
Nathan, 21 - Kalamazoo, MI, Twitter: @Primetimesiebs
Tyler, 23 - Merritt Island, FL, Twitter: @tylerjohnpratt

"Are You The One?” will premiere on Sunday, 12 October at 7.30pm (WIB), 8.30pm (SG) and 9.30pm (MAL) and Saturday, 18 October at 10pm (TH).


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