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Hi Huneybees,

SINGAPORE FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX by SINGAPORE AIRLINES may be over but the ultra-high energy performance by MAYDAY (五月天), in front of 40,000 fans at Padang on Day 1 of the race, still replays vividly inside my mind.

Announced by Ashin (陳信宏) “Treat this as a large-scale Mayday concert”, the band performed hits after hits from  JUMP, DNA to 恋爱ing to the delight of the fans who had started queuing for the best spot to catch the band as early as 3pm as witnessed by Monster (溫尚翊).

Here are some flashback pictures that I captured during the concert.


Apart from making the fans dancing and singing along to their songs, MAYDAY (五月天) also created a Laugh Out Loud moment when Guitarist Stone (石錦航) attempted to speak in (broken) English: “We are really exciting today because there’s a great race there.”

Mid-way through the 100 minutes concert, the band slowed down the tempo a little by making a request to switch off the lighting around the stage while asking all fans to switched on their handphones to create a beautiful starry backdrop before the band performed their ballad 星空. That was certainly the most memorable moment of concert in my opinion!

As echoed by Ashin (陳信宏) at one point during the band's performance “Do you miss Mayday a little? After we finish all our songs, you will miss us even more", I could not wait for their 9th studio album to be released!

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