Huney'Z World's Exclusive Coverage Of Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤 As A First-Time Director

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Hi Huneybees,

It was great pleasure to have an exclusive time to capture Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤 directing for the very first time. She's no stranger on our local TV scene as a well known Taiwanese host and actress based in Singapore. We are always seeing her in front of the camera and this time being behind the camera was all because of her new partnership with fellow Taiwanese host and actress - Vivian Lai 赖怡伶 and celebrity hairstylist - Addy Lee 李荣达.

Named as 3X Media Production (3X媒体制作), the production company was filming a skincare advertisement (Hint from picture above...). Everything went smoothly and though it took a whole day to film the TVC. Quan Yi Fong used her past experience of being a host and applied to her directing.

The host for the TVC is China's highly acclaimed beauty expert - Mao Mao 毛毛老师. She was still pretty fresh in front of the camera and many a times, she had to keep doing NGs. But Quan Yi Fong was patient and imparted her "skills" to her, guiding and helping her along. *Clap Clap*

Everything was hands on for the newbie director, she did not put on any airs and even consulted with the rest of the crew in terms of script, camera angles, etc. She was all bubbly on set and never a hint of tiredness throughout the day. 


Her business partner and buddy, Addy Lee was present that day too. He was in charge of the hair styling for the TVC and was overlooking the whole process. Both of them were very friendly and was great to be there to capture this special day for them...

At the end of the day, I caught up with Quan Yi Fong after the filming to ask about her "virgin" experience of being a director. She expressed that she would appreciate her filming crew from now on. She now understand how tough it is to be filming the whole day and for her being in front of the camera, she could rest when it is not her turn and when she is done filming, she can simply wave goodbye to everyone.

But it is definitely no that way when she is behind the scenes. There's so much to worry, so much to care and so many problems to solve. She was glad that the film crew was there to support and help her too, she would definitely take up the challenge of being a director again!

The film crew - Sunshine Video Media (北京中视上善影像文化传媒有限公司)behind this TVC was specially flown in from Beijing, China. They have worked with multiple big names - CCTV, WWF, Li Ning, Toyota, Volkswagen, Weibo, etc. You can find out more at the website -

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