The Installation Of Wishing Spheres On Marina Bay Front

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Hi Huneybees,

Festive season is here and nothing is better than yummy treats. But amidst celebrations with the eggnogs and chocolates, I have forgotten about drinking more water and keeping myself hydrated, causing me to fall sick for so many days, thus unable to update my blog.

But nonetheless, I was super excited and privileged to be invited over to Esplanade for an up-close experience to see the Wishing Spheres installation, to see our wishes set afloat on calm waters, right in the heart of Marina Bay.

This year 20,000 Wishing Spheres have been collected from 30 wishing stations around Singapore (I did mine here!) to be installed at the Marina Bay and I'm wondering if I can spot mine there...

Setting off on a motor boat to the middle of the waters...
It's sunny and tough job, definitely a lot of hard work behind the glam night on New Year's Eve.
Mr Heng Hoe from Esplanade and his teams of contractors are responsible for the installation of the Wishing Spheres in front of Marina Bay Front.

After the Wishing Spheres were collected, the team systematically tied a few Wishing Spheres together on each weighted rope before dropping these Wishing Spheres in clusters into the bay to ensure that the wishing spheres would be properly secured to their respective position.

Look closely and you can see the ropes holding onto the spheres.

Each weighted rope is part of a greater Grid System that has been installed underneath the Marina Bay Front by even bigger weights at various points. It takes the team around a month to install the grid and one month to remove the grid after the celebration.

It required a lot of hard work from the team to secure the spheres to the grid as the personnel would first need to turn off the engine when the boat is nearing the installation and have to rely on the strong arms of the personnel to peddle the boat close enough to the spheres before securing the new spheres to the respective ropes that are connected to the grid system.

Beside been humbled by mother nature and permits approval from PUB for the installation work, the team also require to consistently preform maintenance job to ensure that all the deflated Wishing Spheres are removed and replaced by good one.

As an environmentalist, I'm glad to learn that the Wishing Spheres are made of recyclable plastic and the markers used on the spheres are non-toxic/chemical-free and pre-approved by the PUB.

Ain't it just a beautiful sight? You have got to come down to Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014 to see it illuminated and become part of the feature for the night. I got a sneak peek the other night when I was up in 1-Altitude for a little chill out session and all I can say is that I simply can't wait for the New Year's Eve!

It's so beautiful when the different lighting illuminate the Wishing Spheres at night!

Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all my Huneybees a Merry Christmas!


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