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Hi Huneybees,

I was first introduced to this new Tiger Beer variant on Thursday, 28 November 2013 at the noon media launch at Addictions @ 22 Dempsey.

The timing of the media launch (at lunch time) was by no chance a mismanagement by the marketing/communication team of Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore’s (APB Singapore), but a deliberately crafted attempt to allow the media to have a new experience of drinking during office hour.

Tiger Radler, a new variant and product innovation that is made of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice is designed to provide consumers with double refreshment. Nevertheless, I was initially skeptical when was told that this new Tiger Beer variant could be enjoyed at different times of the day across all occasions, including barbecues, afternoon drinks and even over a spicy meal of chilli crabs with friends.

After experiencing a relaxing brunch of gastronomic delights paired with the refreshing new Tiger Radler, in which I had two bottles, I have to admit that I thought I was having Lemonade rather than beer! The only giveaway was my radiant red face, thanks to my good blood circulation, which is within the family, in reaction to the 2% alcohol content (seriously that little!). Tiger Radler has won me over!!

Tiger Radler is a thirst-quencher packed with a brand new taste that is fruity and sharp whilst being rooted in beer. By the amount of TV ads that you would have already exposed to by the time this blog-post is out, you would have tasted Tiger Radler. The fact that the lemon taste dominated the the beer typical bitter after-taste, coupled with low alcohol content, anyone could easily drink several bottles without realizing that they are actually drinking a beer!

Just in case you are wondering why this new Tiger Beer variant is called Radler, there’s actually a story behind it: Radler, which means ‘cyclist’ in German, is said to have been invented by Frank Xaver Kugler in June 1922 when some 13,000 cyclists unexpectedly visited his pub. To prevent his bar from running dry, he added lemon juice to beer, and Radler was born. The rest is history.

Tiger Radler is now available in both cans (330ml and 500ml) and bottles (330ml Pint bottle and 633ml Quartz bottle) and would be available at all leading retailers, ranging from supermarkets to convenience stores, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

For more information, please log on to www.TigerBeer.com.sg and www.facebook.com/TigerBeer.sg.


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