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Hi Huneybees,

Counting down to just a few more days to New Year 2014, are you ready for it? It's a whole mouthful of events happening down at Marina Bay and definitely something to keep you busy through the year.

Other than just the popular MediaCorp 50th Anniversary Party at the Floating Platform featuring singer-songwriter Wang Leehom and UK’s hottest and biggest boyband of the moment, The Wanted; Aux Media Group will also  be having a concert at The Promontory - Celebrate with the World 2014.

With over seven hours of non-stop entertainment by international and local artistes such as renowned German DJ Ronski Speed, Filipino rock band Rivermaya, Malaysian singer-songwriter Namewee and our homegrown Juz-B, Chriz Tong and Queen Inc. featuring Sylvester Sim. The show will be hosted by Sheikh Haikel and Evelyn Kuek.

I had the special chance to meet up with Sheikh Haikel for a short interview to find out a little more on what's gona happen on 31th Dec...

How does it feel to be part of the biggest countdown event in Singapore?

It's definitely an honour to be part of the countdown, it's a blessing to be part of something so magnanimous and be amongst so many people celebrating.

Tell us more about Celebrate with the World 2014, what can fans expect to see?

Definitely great music, with great lineup like Rivermaya and Namewee, etc. Fans are in for a treat and with me hosting, it's gona be a big show, a very warm show as well, with everyone as a family.

Why do you think everyone should come down to the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014?

Well, other than the obvious of comfortable big space, it's definitely good luck to be near water for the New Year! What better way to remember such a great day than with great acts and music to entertain us? So, do bring as many people down as possible and celebrate the New Year as one big family!

Other than hosting, would you also be doing a sneak performance on New Year's Eve?

Yes! It is still in discussion, but I would love to perform one of my songs, perhaps something from my newly launched EP - When In Doubt.

You have recently released "Better Than Yesterday" with Yeng Constantino, how did the collaboration come about?

Yeng Constantino and I met at the Academy of Rock and this song was recorded in School Of Music which I jointly open and run with my wife.

I've know Yeng as the Philippines Rock Princess and it was nice to have someone her caliber, so humble and so willing to try and learn new things. The discussion went smoothly and loved the song the moment she heard it.

What's best about this collaboration is that all proceeds from this song goes to Singapore Red Cross in the aid of Typhoon Haiyan Relief. I'm glad to be able to play a part and make it Better Than Yesterday for somebody else.

Do you have any upcoming plans for School Of Music?

Being a school of music, we learn about the classical, rock, pop and hip hop music and next year we will mixing things up like classical with hip hop music or rock with classical music and it will showcased in our recital in June.

These collaborations will also be following me to shows that I'm booked for next year and as for collaborations overseas, I have friends in Malaysia and we are in discussion, maybe Indonesia and Thailand? I'm also open to any collaboration and would definitely love to show them  how beautiful Singapore is.

What would your wish on the Wishing Sphere be?

My wish this year would be to remind everybody to be grateful for that one more day, be blessed to be in a beautiful country like Singapore. A gift of a day is worth more than anything nowadays.
Another thing would be to be yourself, sometimes we do so much for others, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves before we can help others.

So, do swing by this Tuesday and join me at the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2014.
For more information about Celebrate With The World, visit:

Sheikh Haikel's When In Doubt” is available online here:


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