Families & Youths Put Their Teamwork To The Test @ Bishan CC'S NERF COMMUNITY CHALLENGE

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Hi Huneybees,

Winners of the Youth Tournament
Last Sunday, 15 December, there was non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action at the NERF Community Challenge, organised by Bishan Community Club (CC). Participants formed teams of three and battled it out, displaying fortitude, agility and teamwork in two exciting categories - the Family Tournament, for participants between the ages of 8 to 55; and the Youth Tournament, for participants aged 15 to 35. 
All geared up and ready to go!
Each intense match lasted a total of ten minutes and the team that amassed the most number of points by planting their team's flag at the opponent's home base advanced to the next round. The blasters used during the tournament were Nerf Elite Strongarm, Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2x4 and Nerf firestrike. All blasters and Dart Tag darts were provided by the event organiser.  
Participants put their NERF skills to the test
Teams who participated in either categories stood the chance to walk away with a NERF RapidStrike. The other participating teams also walked away with vouchers from Starbucks, one of Bishan CC's newest tenants.  
Winners of the Family Tournament
NERF is fast becoming a community and social activity as seen at the launch of the new Bishan CC. It is not only a healthy activity, but one in which families and friends can be active and have fun at the same time.


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