Miley Cyrus Latest Big Bang Before 2013 Closure

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Hi Huneybees,

Just when I'm about to go to bed, there comes another shocking news share on my Facebook page from Missy Cyrus again. She's back to her mischief and this time round, a raunchy new music video - "Adore You". Though still clothed, well, the important areas were covered, the music video was filmed as though a self recording sex tape, running her hands all over her body and of course her signature thumb in mouth moves.

I have to say this year is definitely Miley Cyrus's year to shine and come on, whole year round, we've been talking about her since her act with Robin Thicke. I'm not one of those people who starts saying how slutty she looks etc, even though it does seems inappropriate for an idol to be acting this way.

But well, picking up from her predecessors - SEX SELLS. Right from the beginning of Marilyn Monroe, the innocent wind blowing of skirt showing tiny bits of flesh, till today's Rihanna's show of body in almost every music video, it's hard to not do something more to shine and stand out from the rest.

Do you think you would have taken notice of the song "Wrecking Ball" if she had not had a music video of her naked on a wrecking ball? It would not have hit its million views if it was Disney innocent cutie pie Hannah Montana in the music video!

I have simply no idea what sort of messages the media out there is trying to give to the younger generation, I am simply not liking the way youngsters are dressed these days, butt cheeks are peeking from shorts, boobs are being obsessively maximised and exposed, this is not how I would want my daughter to be dressed up.

But coming back to the music video, I couldn't help keep staring at her flawless skin and minimal makeup look. There hasn't been many singers who dare to show their without makeup look in front of the paparazzi, moreover a music video for the whole world to see!

I've seen plenty of naked models in my artist days and when I'm watching this video in an artistic point of view, I can't help marvel how beautiful her body is. The slender lines and curves on her body with the natural glow, simply made me want to pick up my paintbrush again...

To conclude, I'll not blame Miley Cyrus for what she's is doing today as she is not the first and wouldn't be the last female artist "going naked" in front of TV hence we shouldn't make a big hoo-ha about this, especially in this ever increasingly information diarrhea age.

Nevertheless, while the line that separate reality from fantasy is getting blurred, we as adult should never give up in educating our younger generation that such "Beauty" is created for the purpose of entertainment.


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