Colour Me A Countdown Party At Siloso Beach

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Hi Huneybees,

Last weekend, 5 coloured figures took over Orchard Road, "painting" it in rainbow colours with shoppers. It was a promotion leading up to the Siloso Beach Party counting down to 2014 as the year ends.

If colours could talk, the stories of fun beach countdowns and memorable paint parties were acted out and composed into a picture-perfect moments by these coloured figures. Their mimes and interactions with the public gave an insight into what will be the most colourful countdown beach party till date!

This is the first of a colourful interactive and experiential series as Siloso Beach Party introduces its new countdown paint-party concept, promising to rain gallons of neon paint on party-goers as they splash into 2014 this year.

Those who are looking for a memorable way to spend countdown this year can look forward to a colourful December leading up to the Siloso Beach Party, with a “Splash Your Friend” Facebook app, a Paint Party in the day, colourful crowd-sourced visuals tagged to #colourmesiloso, till 31st December arrives with waves of neon paint at Sentosa.

Photo Credits: Sentosa


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