[Travelogue] Sawasdee Krub Bangkok - Day 4 & 5

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Hi Huneybees,

Day 4 and Day 5 in Thailand saw me doing more shopping, roaming the streets of Bangkok, exploring and getting to know more about the city. I wore a pair of denim shorts that I got while shopping and I was "armed" for the "battle"!

I practically shopped every level and every corner of Platinum Mall, by the time I left the shopping mall, the sky was dark and my tummy was grumbling. Seriously, shopping in Bangkok is so distracting! 

So, by the time I went back to the hotel, my tummy was "complaining"! I settled for dinner at the hotel's restaurant - LaTavola & Wine Bar. Hubby was to busy to join me, so I enjoyed all by myself. The food was great, a little costly compared to restaurants, but I would say pamper yourself!

The chef is an Italian, so you can expect authentic Italian cuisine with a twist of Thailand's taste. I loved the olive oil that they had, like vanilla, mint and spicy. Don't forget to end the meal with a Panna Cotta with the freshest berries! This definitely made my whole day well paid off...

Next day, was my photography trip. Too much shopping and it was time to walk around and "detox" and play with my new camera - Samsung NX300. I tried out several functions built into the camera and we had a great date!

One of the functions is that you can shoot with a Lomography feel. It was cool as I don't have photoshop the effect or use a lomo cam and end up wasting film. However, to me, it's just a lookalike, I still prefer the surprise element when I develop the photos...

There's also this Miniature function that can make the objects in the photos look as though they are toys. It's pretty fun, but it best works when you are taking photos from above.

The camera also has a Rich Tones function that makes every photo you take pop with colours. It brightens and brings out the true colours of the photos. However, it takes awhile to process the photo, so do not use it when you want to take any moving object...

So, that's a brief introduction of the camera, and it was time to explore more. Travelling around Bangkok is very easy, however, it is the system that jams up at the stations. Basically they are still using the coin buying system to issue Metro cards and the funny thing is, they only uses coins, change the notes to coins via the control station, then queue to buy tickets. Worse is that, if you have to buy 3 tickets, you have to key in 3 times and drop the coins in 3 separate times. So imagine if you have 10 tickets to buy!

Walking from my hotel to MBK is just 2 stations away and I can simply access through the skywalk, I did not have to take the train. However, MBK was not as vibrant as it used to be and well, shop there if you are interested to get "inspired" bags, otherwise, I think, you can skip that all together.

2 things that I liked was that Auntie Annie's only cost me S$2 and there is this store on Level 2 called Beauty Buffet where you can get beauty products as super cheap prices. 3 nail polishes and a nail polish remover only cost me 75 baht  = S$3!!!

One of the highlight of the day, would have to be the trip to Siam Paragon. This is a huge mall with every single brand you can think of. It's a little costly to shop here, but I did not come here for shopping. I wanted to check out the Madame Tussauds Museum and the Siam Ocean World at the basement.

They have special packages for the 2 attractions, but all I can say is come early as there are floods of crowds and you might end up like me, stranded outside taking just that few photos. Moreover, I was alone, photo taking would be troublesome. Sigh...

The fun thing about Siam Ocean World is that you can interact with the fishes, there's diving activity and even a little boat riding on the glass bottom boat too. So then, you won't be disappointed like when in the open ocean, you might not see the fishes most of the times.

On the way back to the hotel to meet my hubby for dinner, I walked past this temple - Wat Pathumwanaram Ratchaworawiharn that is tucked behind Siam Paragon and Central World. I walked in and it was like a different place on earth, it was so quiet and peaceful, you totally ignore the bustling streets outside.

The temple is open to public at any time and some of the locals even do their jogging there. The time I was there, was just the time for prayer, so I didn't stay too long for fear of disturbing the monks...

This is the monk's hostel. It just seems so surreal to live there...
Along the streets, there were stalls setting up to sell food and I even spotted some teens having a cosplay shoot at Central World. I would say I had a fruitful day, moreover, I had more local cuisine like my favourite Green Curry and Chilli Prawns. SPICY!!!

Dinner was all hot and spicy, just the way I loved it. Yummy!!!

Ok, there's more to come. Stay tuned!


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