Can Ex-es Really Work Together?

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Hi Huneybees,

Power 98 launched a new radio show yesterday starring DJ Mister Young and Jacqui, who were ex-lovers. Imagine working with your ex-romance of 5 years on the evening drive time show, there will sure be a lot of sarcasm and bitch slaps on air, and hopefully sweet moments and laughter too.
Radio has been a big part of my life since my schooling days and what I love about Power 98 is that they play songs from the 90s till today.

The Ex-Factor is the first radio show of it’s kind in Singapore. Tune in to Power 98FM on weekdays, 5pm to 8pm and listen to Mister Young and Jacqui attempting to host the prime time programme without trying to pull each other’s hair and head off. Honestly, the programme director must have gone mad to put two ex-es together on the evening show.
“It’s must hear radio as the chemistry is definitely there but so is the drama! I think it’ll be interesting because we can’t bullsh*t with each other. It will be us at our most raw and unfiltered,” quips Mister Young. “This is definitely a show where sparks will fly!’

Last week, we were invited for a preview of the show and a studio recording with Mister Young and Jacqui. Mister Young currently wears two hats at Power 98, one as a DJ and the other as the Assistant Programme Director. Jacqui has been in the entertainment industry since 2006. Started out with a one-week stint on radio as Ms Personality from The New Paper New Face Contest, and moved on to host 987FM’s flagship show ‘Say It With Music’.

That afternoon, we had an “intimate session” with the DJs, started off playing some games followed by questions and answers about everyone’s relationship(s) and ex-es. I’m looking forward to this new evening show, definitely going to be a juicy, no-holds-barred show that will rock the airwaves of our island!

The DJs will also be acting out special characters on air, such as Bee Geok and Geok Bee, like most of us, they LOVE good bargains, good food, long queues (?!!) and are very ‘well-travelled’ (track record: Johor Bahru, Genting, Tioman, Malacca, Batam…)

The Ex-Factor premieres on 10 June 2013, weekdays 5-8pm only on Power 98FM. Live streaming available at

(This article is contributed by Malcolm Sunny. Photo Credits: Malcolm Sunny)

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