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Hi Huneybees,

I came back from my Thailand trip and Cheryl was so sweet to extend an invitation to bring me along to the launch of the all new Tsubaki hair product range. Just what I need! I want to look like those Japanese models on the poster - Mizuhara Kiko (Fashion Model/Actress), Kojima Haruna (Member of AKB48), Ebihara Yuri (Fashion Model/TV Personality) and Anne (Fashion Model/Musician/Writer/Radio DJ).

About Tsubaki

  • Launched in 2006
  • Leading hair care market in Japan
  • Record total number of shipments of over 270 million units

I was dressed for the theme (Yellow, Red and White) to suit their range of hair products and upon arriving, I was asked to sign off my hair woes. Being the perfectionist Virgo, I am tough and strict when it comes to beauty, I literally picked everything as I wanted the perfect hair.... (Dull looking hair, dry and brittle hair, fine hair, itchy and/or sensitive scalp, hair lacks shine and frizzy ends).
There was also several activities going on before the presentation started. One was a Polaroid taking and designing section, memory games for some lovely prizes as well as personal illustrations by 2 talented artists.
Artists - Sharon Yang Ge and Teresa Lim

Cheryl and I both got our portraits done by Sharon and that really made me missed painting. I began picking up the brushes again on my next trip overseas. But I'll leave it for the next blog post...

Ok. So now it's time to present the leading stars...

For the new range of Tsubaki Hair products, they are divided into 3 categories: In red packaging - Shining (For silky manageable hair with satiny smooth texture), in white packaging - Damage Care (Deeply repairs dry and brittle hair for silky smoothness from the roots to the ends) and in yellow packaging - Head Spa (For lustrously resilient hair with volume from the roots).

For all ranges:
  • New packaging keeps the original shape and features a softer design
  • The 500ml bottle features a shrink-wrap outer package that is easily torn off
  • They contain Arginine, a melanin holes repair ingredient
  • Contains a UV protective ingredient 
  • Contains Camellia Oil (which is Tsubaki in Japanese *It's the brand, of course it has to be in there!*)

Shining Range

Damage Care Range
Head Spa Range

The full range will be available at Watsons exclusively from 4 July 2013 and here's the price of the various items...

  • Shining Shampoo / Conditioner: $17.90 (550ml), $8.90 (220ml)
  • Shining Treatment: $15.90 (200g)
  • Shining Mask: $19.90 (180g)
  • Damage Care Shampoo / Conditioner: $18.90 (550ml), $9.90 (220ml)
  • Damage Care Treatment: $16.90 (200g)
  • Damage Care Mask: $21.90 (180g)
  • Head Spa Shampoo / Conditioner: $19.90 (550ml)
  • Head Spa Extra Cleansing: $15.90 (280ml)
  • Head Spa Hair Mask: $22.90 (180g)
I brought home the Shining Range and I can't wait to get started on the new Tsubaki range for that silky hair, like those of Kojima Haruna. Kireii ne ~   ✿♥‿♥✿


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