[What's New] Another Hair Pampering Session At Monsoon Hair Salon

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Hi Huneybees,

My hair was getting a little too long and so I headed over to Monsoon @ Novena Square to get it trimmed down, and also to give my hair some pampering attention. Our hair can react differently to our moods and just like our skin, the more stressed out we are, the easier it is for our hair to lose its lustre.

Thank god for Monsoon, I was given a new red hair "update" and a treatment session for me.  It's always a joy to be sitting there and getting my hair tended to by Jack and Joanne. However, this time is is just Jack, as Joanne had fractured her arm and was on medical leave to recuperate.

After a round of hair dying and sitting under the "UFO" to get my hair steamed with hair treatment to let the seep right into the pores and get right into the roots of the hair. See my before and after photo, you will definitely be wanting to make an appointment too. =)

Here's signing off with more of my new hair updates , it was definitely the right choice to have cut off my hair. It's just right for the warm, warm weather in Singapore and I just couldn't resist doing a "Justin Bieber" hair flick.

Should I try an even shorter hair cut? 
What do you think?

Monsoon @ Novena Square
Add: 238 Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6333 5586

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