Saved At The 11th Hour! UNLUCKY PLAZA Extended For More!

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Hi Huneybees,

This's just in! The film by Ken Kwek - UNLUCKY PLAZA has been extended to screen for 2 more days at Shaw Lido. All thanks the support of their local audience, we will get to catch the movie on 14 & 15 May, 10.20am at Shaw Lido (and possibly a weekend screening subject to audience response for these two days)!

UNLUCKY PLAZA was introduced last year at the the Toronto International Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival and at both occasions,  it was a sold-out screening! It opened in Singapore cinemas on 16 April 2015 and has been extended twice after it opened in 9 local cinemas. The film’s production house, Kaya Toast Pictures, is appealing to audiences who have yet to catch UNLUCKY PLAZA to book their tickets on these two days.

Scheduled at the earliest time slot at 10.20am, this black comedy crime caper is suitable for tertiary students on school holidays, independent professionals with flexible working hours, homemakers, and tourists.

UNLUCKY PLAZA cast features Singapore stage/TV veterans Adrian Pang, Judee Tan, Shane Mardjuki, Guo Liang, Pam Oei, and Filipino lead Epy Quizon. The story?

When a chance to save his ailing diner goes belly up, Onassis Hernandez, an émigré and single-father living in affluent Singapore, is pushed over the edge. He takes a motley group of citizens hostage in a designer bungalow and publicizes his act on Youtube. As the police and international media descend on the crime scene and riots break out in in the city, an increasingly desperate Onassis forces the situation to a violent, heart-stopping conclusion.

Dates: 14 & 15 May 2015
Time: 10.20am
Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido
Rating: M18 Coarse Language Tickets: Shaw Theatres Online or at Shaw Theatres Lido Ticket Counter

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