Sensodyne Repair and Protect (Part 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

Do you have occasional tooth twinges? Do you feel any sudden, short, sharp pain or I would say electric shock in your teeth when you eat ice cream or coffee or even when you brush your teeth? If so, it is a sign that your teeth may have vulnerable areas of exposed dentine, a case of sensitivity. Luckily, there's the all new Sensodyne® Repair and Protect toothpaste, which is powered by NovaMin®.  

I was recently invited by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) to take up the test and share the news with you guys. Everyone knows that Sensodyne's toothpastes are dentist-recommended to treat sensitive teeth and this time, they have came up with the first daily flouride toothpaste which is scientifically proven to repair sensitive teeth by forming a tooth-like layer over exposed dentine to help continually repair and protect sensitive areas. Note the word "Repair"! Most toothpastes in the maket only reduces, whitens or protects but not repair. This is definitely the first of its kind.

What is NovaMin® you ask? It is an advance calcium phosphate technology and employs the same patented bioactive material used in advanced bone regeneration techiniques.

  • NovaMin® is clinically proven to provide exceptional sensitivity relief and helps treat the cause of sensitivity.
  • It is activated when in contact with saliva to help repair the vulnerable ares of exposed dentine
  • It works be forming a layer on your teeth to remineralize the surface
  • It is proven to work below the gum line, providing direct relief to the root surface.

Why makes the teeth vulnerable?
Under the protective tooth enamel is dentine, a porous structure consisting of thousands of tiny channels called tubules. Dentine can become exposed through recession of the gums or through erosion, or a combination of both. Exposed dentine creates vulnerable and sensitive areas of the tooth.

Credits to here.
Below is a video of the toothpaste making it to local news.

Now let me share some photos at the event that day with you guys....

We were greeted by the Sensodyne posters when we arrived.
Bloggers watching the Sensodyne intro videos attentively.
Bloggers who attended the event.

Photo with Joey.
With Miyo.
With Benjamin.
Let me camwhore a little whilst waiting for my turn to take the Sensitivity test.

Ok. My turn to take the test.
My problem was with cold food. When I took a bite of ice cream, I felt the pain. I rated it a 6 upon 10. As for the coffee, well... I had no problem with that. I'm such a big coffee lover, how can it affect me right?

Nope, I'm not sleeping. The friendly dentist was giving me a check up on my teeth and he gave me advise to treat my sensitive teethe. One, was to use the Sensodyne® Repair and Protect toothpaste on daily basis and also to switch my toothbrush to a "SOFT" instead of using "MEDIUM".

We were each given this little box to bring home.

 Open up and there's this little info.
Inside was 2 tubes of toothpaste.
And a toothbrush as well. So thoughtful of them right?
Which box number will you open?

We found the spot behind the event place very beautiful for some photos, so we modeled the Sensodyne box.

I got home and got started on my tooth brushing routine. Twice daily, once in the morning and once before I sleep. Just squeeze 2cm long of Sensodyne® Repair and Protect toothpaste on your toothbrush and start brushing all you sensitiveness away ~

*Ching Ching* I can feel it's working almost immediately...
Basically, the toothpaste has a fresh minty taste like most toothpaste, but it doesn't "foam" much and there's this little warm sensation when you brush. That's how you know the toothpaste is working. I'll be having a second teeth sensitivity test again next week and I bet the pain when I eat ice cream when be gone! So stay tuned to my blog k?

*All opinions, views and content expressed herein are entirely mine and GSK has no control or input in the content. A product sample of Sensodyne Repair & Protect was provided to me but I am not otherwise compensated by GSK.*

Christina aka Huney

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