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Hi Huneybees,

Are you guys a fan of kopi like me too? For me, afternoon break is not a fancy cup of English tea, but something local like a toast and a cup of Kopi, just to freshen the mind. And boy, I was super happy when I was invited to a food tasting at Toast Box @ *Scape!

I was told that the toys deco are exclusive to this outlet. Well, coz it's *SCAPE! A place for the youth.

A little background on Toast Box before I go on:
Established in December 2005 with its first outlet at Food Republic Wisma Atria, Toast Box has grown steadily to achieve cult status among fans for its coffee and toast concept. Toast Box has fast expanded with 33 outlets in Singapore and 12 outlets in Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. ToastBox is owned and managed by the BreadTalk Group Limited.
In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2011, Toast Box has introduced 5 new toasts and 2 drinks to their family! We even got to taste some of the toasts that were already on the menu and let me 'walk' you guys through it.
I ordered the Pepsi Calamansi.
They were generous with the Kamquat! There were at least 3 in there. 
OK. I had the PEPSI CALAMANSI ($2.50) while waiting for other bloggers to arrive. I've actually had the drink before if you notice my previous blog post. It was after the Youth Festival and as you guys know it was warm and crazy day. Not only was the Pepsi Calamansi refreshing, it was very good for my sore throat too! All thanks to calamansi, as it is a very good source of Vitamin C which helps boost the immune system, and helps the body fight infections. This is definitely a recommended drink especially in this warm weather.

The others ordered the MANGO ALOE VERA ($2.80). I had a little sip and it was sweet! Fans of mango should try this! It's a delightful mix of mango puree, fresh milk and ice topped with chunks of mango and aloe vera. Aloe Vera is said to have good healing effects, so I guess it's good for the ladies right?? *wink*

The infamous mountain of butter!
First toast of the day was HEBI HIAM THICK TOAST that's on their regular menu.

This is definitely one of my favourite toast. Well, maybe coz I'm a SPICE GIRL? LOL! The toast was 'burnt' till the right amount and the spiciness was just right to the average Singaporean. As I ate, I could even taste the mild 'Hebi' = dried prawn sweetness!

Ok! A little commercial time.
We had another 2 toast served.

The one above is the FLOSS THICK TOAST. As everyone knows, Bread Talk is famous for their pork floss buns and so Toast Box has decided to incorporate the floss to their thick toast. Infused with condensed milk, the toast is definitely a must for sweet tooth-s out there!

This is the TOM YUM GARLIC THICK TOAST ($1.80). What's interesting is that the Toast Box's very own recipe Tom Yum paste and freshly chopped garlic, chilli and spring onion is spread across the toast and toasted on that side, so that you get the whole fragrance into the bread. It resembles alot like the garlic bread, but there was also a hint of spiciness. However, I find it a little too salty and I thought it would be better if there was more "tom yum-ness" to it.

TA-DA! The OTAH THICK TOAST. It's served with a leaf on top and the different thing about it is that the toast has the bread sides or 'skin' removed and toasted with the side with the Otah paste applied on.

Uncovering the mystery of it all...

This is the BUTTER MILK THICK TOAST ($1.80). On the top is a thick layer of toasted butter and fresh milk and same like the OTAH THICK TOAST, this is also toasted the other way round. It's super sweet and makes one feel in love! I chose the middle piece, the one that's been toasted the most and it tastes heavenly. This would definitely go well with a cup of kopi!

See the thick crust on top? Reminds me of Bo Luo Bao! Actually it tastes much like that, just with a fuller milky taste.
This much picks was used!
*Drums roll* Our dessert was up and I must say this was the one that got all our votes! The TRI COLOUR ICE CREAM THICK TOAST! YEAH!

On the left: Peanut Butter Ice Cream (light brown) and On the right: Kaya Ice Cream (white)
Then we have the coffee ice cream on the back.
Toast Box has been famous for their kopi-s, peanut butter toasts and kaya toasts. And that is also why they have chosen these 3 flavours to be their unique ice creams. One thing you must know is that they are premium ice cream and they melt fast!

Usually, they are served by one flavour only. And I would highly recommend the PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM THICK TOAST ($4.80). Why? Coz, it contains crunchy bits of caramelised peanut, that give the ice cream texture and I couldn't stop eating it! It just tastes so much like peanut butter with milk and ice! I can't resist.

Peanut Ice Cream is garnished with peanuts and topped with whip cream.

Kopi Lovers will definitely love the KOPI ICE CREAM THICK TOAST ($4.80). It tastes just like the traditional Nanyang coffee Toast Box is well known for, and topped with whipped cream and almonds it's definitely great for the warm weather.

And finally, the KAYA ICE CREAM THICK TOAST ($4.80). I find this very unique as I've never heard of Kaya Ice cream. It  tastes exactly like Toast Box’s Hainanese kaya. Creamy and full of coconut taste without being too sweet. It's like eating frozen version of kaya toast, with a sprinkle of red beans and matcha powder on top.

So as mentioned, for the Singapore Food Festival 2011, Toast Box has come up with 4 "value meals", so you can save money and enjoy their delicious food!

Also, don't forget to print this coupon out to enjoy the deals.

From 1st -31st July, whenever you order any Butter Milk Thick Toast, Tom Yum Garlic Thick Toast, Peanut Butter Thick Toast, Mango Aloe Vera and Pepsi Calamansi, $0.10 (for each item) will be donated to ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations). Please do give your support k?

I shall leave you guys with photos of me and bloggers. See ya~

With new friend, Miyo Momo.
With Valentine.
All the bloggers present for the event.
Don't hide Miyo. Come take pretty picture with me.

Christina aka Huney

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