[Get The Look] Huge Anime Eyes

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Hi Huneybees,

My hubby's been travelling much these days and since I love playing with different looks, I tried giving myself huge eyes like those anime girls.

Hehehe... Drawn by me.
This is definitely not a look for everyday, maybe just Halloween?
OK. Let me show ya how's it's done. 

Step 1: I used a white cream eyeshadow and angled brush.
And applied onto my eyebrows.
Step 2: I used Too Faced "Skinny Dip" eyeshadow and the same angled brush.
To draw my eyebrows blue. You can apply eyeshadow straight without the  base, but I find that the colour is not strong like this.
Step 3: Then using an eyeshadow colour that's close to your skin colour.
Apply it to your upper lid using an eyeshadow brush.
Step 4: Pick up gel eyeliner with the angled brush.
And apply a thick thick black eyeliner all over your eyes.
Wing out the edge more.
Step 5: Dab on black eyeshadow all over the gel eyeliner to set the look, so that it won't smudge.
Step 6: Using a white pencil eyeliner, line it all over your bottom lid.
Step 7: Draw a black line under the white eyeline that you've drawn.
Step 8: Get 2 pairs of lashes. One for the upper lid and one for the lower lid.
Step 9: Important! The lash for upper lid, don't paste near the lashes! Paste it on the crease of your eyes. Lower lashes just go as usual at the bottom lid.
I know when closing the eyes look weird.
Pair on with you choice of wig, dab on blusher and lipstick, you are good to go!
Camwhore session!
Actually, it looks pretty cool without wig too...
Big big eyes staring at you...

Close up on the eyes. Look so dolly right???
Have fun with the look! In fact, you can even try different colour brows and wigs for a different feel. Do send me pictures if you do try out this look k?


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