The Adorable Miffy & DEARPACKER Are Here To Save Your Skin

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Hi Huneybees,

Recently, I've been letting my fingers do the travelling and shopping via Airfrov. It is a service that allows lets me shop via travelers and to have them help me get those overseas items without me having to fly all the way there or have my purchases go through pesky overseas mailing procedures.

I tend to browse through other requests made and the pro here is that I get to discover new things to try or even explore brands that I've not heard of. But then, the con is that I'm digging deeper and deeper into my pockets. Wahahahaha!

Anyway, that brings us to what I have for you today - DEARPACKER x Miffy collab set. DEARPACKER is a Korean brand manufactured my LG Health Care. They have a lot of skincare products that are differently country themed, using ingredients that are signature to that country to make the masks!

This set (priced at 27,800 won) that I've gotten  features Miffy on 2 of their products - Royal Black Black Tea & Black Rose Mask and Alaska Glacier Soothing Pack. It comes bundled with a pack of oil blotters, a Miffy Mug with cup cover. They all looked so pretty together and so calming to look at...

The box packaging has Miffy in winter clothings and her royal suit, printed on thicker, premium quality hard card instead of the usual flimsy 100gsm looking type. It makes the products so much more 'atas looking', 

The one that intrigues me the most is the Royal Black Mask. It is gel based and once I opened the tub, it smells heavenly with the rose and ceylon extracts, almost as though I'm holding a nice cup of hot tea! Super relaxing...

The mask has 77% rose extract and black tea extract with a blend of aroma oils like camomile, rosemary, lavender, sweet almond oil and Damask rose oil. It helps with the skin elasticity, purifying the skin, soothing, softening and helps with enlarged pores.

Simply use the enclosed plastic spoom to take amount you need and smooth it over your face. Wash off after 10 mins with lukewarm water. 

What I like about it is the ceylon tea bits that kinda scrubs my face as I wash the mask off. My face feels super smooth and moisturised after applying this mask.

I would recommend to use the mask before makeup for that additional moisture you need throughout the day and you makeup will stay flawless through the day, now that you've got the best 'canvas' to work on.

You can also use this mask as a scrub or even as a sleeping mask, but I will recommend to let the mask dry up a little before lying on your pillow as it could be a little messy and sticky... 

Next is the Alaska Glacier Mask. Just like it's name suggests, this little miracle is good to use for our recent weather, especially for those who work outdoors, under the sun.

It is a translucent gel cream with white beads that consist of Alaskan river water and minerals like white birch extract, mint extract, Arnica flower extract, snowrose extract, wild strawberry extract,etc, that helps in relaxing, calming and cooling down the skin.

You can use this as a moisturiser during the summer days and all you have to do is scoop about 2-3 spoons of the gel, apply it all over the face, and massage the product into your skin. Enjoy the chill and I think it makes a good product to use in the morning. It refreshes the skin, waking me up in the process and when its fully absorbed, my skin feels baby smooth, which again allows makeup to go on nicely too!

Their official website is and I'm thinking of trying the other range too. Have you guys tried before? What's the verdict?

If you are keen to try out Airfrov too, use this code R1RVJ for S$10 deduction on your very first overseas purchases! :)

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