Easy Peasy Makeup Removal For The Gudetama In You

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Hi Huneybees,

If you have a Gudetama in you, a lazy egg who can't-be-bothered-with-anything and getting you out of bed every morning is a hassle, this new range of products from Holika Holika will sure be up your alley.

I managed to collect the whole range via airfrov to get travellers help bring these babies back from Seoul, Korea and the bright yellow packaging is simply so sunshine-y to have on my shelve. The full range has:
  • Smooth Egg Peeling Gel
  • Lazy & Easy Cream Blush
  • Lazy & Easy Face 2 Change BB Cushion Compact
  • Puff Cushions
  • Character Mask Sheet
  • Cleansing Sheet and Mask
  • Quick Nail Kit
  • Lazy & Easy All in One Master
  • Lazy & Easy Oil to Foam Cleanser
  • Lazy & Easy Melting Lip Button
  • Lazy & Easy Dry Shampoo

The whole concept revolving around the products is to have them easy to use, one step does it all, targeting at those who don't want to spend hours on their makeup or skincare routine. That leads to the Lazy & Easy Oil to Foam Cleanser which I'm introducing today. A must have for those with super little time on hand and all you want is a Speedy Gonzales product to remove your makeup, cleanse your face, so that you can hit the bed straightaway!

So here you can see all I need is just a few pumps of the product on my palm. Do not wet your face, simply work it like oil cleanser and rub the product around your face to remove the makeup. Even my water-proof and water-resistant eyeliner and mascara gets removed too! You don't even have to rub very hard to get the products out.

Once you have worked around your face and gotten the makeup removed, you can go ahead and wet your hands and rub around your face again. This time you will feel that the oil cleanser's texture have changed into something soapy. 

You won't see bubbles just foam forming up, rub a couple of times to cleanse the face and wash off! It's easy peasy time to get your makeup removed and face cleansed all at 1 go! I'm definitely gona be stocking up on these. What about you?

The stocks run out pretty fast and if you wana hop on the airfrov wagon, use my code R1RVJ for S$10 deduction on your overseas purchases! :)

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