Easy Breezy Coloured Lips With Katy Perry & CoverGirl

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Hi Huneybees,

After their launch of the Star Wars collection last year, CoverGirl introduced another collaboration with Katy Perry, namely Katy Kat Matte. CoverGirl is not available in Singapore (why not?!), but you can easily get them online and ship over, or like me, Airfrov it!

In the collection, there are 11 lipsticks and 4 mascara shades. I've tried their mascaras before and they didn't impress me much, except that there is a blue mascara shade. It wasn't enough to persuade me to buy them, so I only went for the lipsticks.

The lipstick shades are: 
  • Sphynx
  • Pink Paws
  • Magenta Minx
  • Coral Cat
  • Crimson Cat
  • Cat Call
  • Kitty Purry
  • Cosmo Kitty
  • Maroon Meow
  • Catoure
  • Perry Panther
  • Purrsian Pink
  • Tame Tiger

I did some online searching for the swatches before deciding to settle with the 4 colours that are not so easily found. So what do I think of these demi-matte lipsticks?

Well, first up, I was a little disappointed in the packaging. Just plain white cover with large Arial Bold wordings, doesn't scream Katy Perry for me. At least a holographic, prismatic sticker label or some cat footprints might be better?

Each of the lipstick has a peek-a-boo window at the bottom, so you can see which shades you are holding, flick it to the bottom and you will find their names with a cat hairband logo. I do love the cheeky cat names for each of them. What I've gotten is Perry Panther, Coral Cat, Cosmo Kitty and Maroon Meow.

Coral Cat adds a tinge of peach to your usual safe nude colours and allows you to add a pop of colour to your daily makeup look. There's nothing matte about it, just make sure you scrub those lips before applying the lipstick.

Cosmo Kitty

Remember Katy Perry's E.T. music video? This bright pop of purple will definitely transport you to the alien territory and party all night long. Pair it with soft earthy shades of eye makeup and a flick of cateye liner, you will be definitely be the spotlight of the night.

Maroon Meow

Yes! I see a Cat Woman behind those dark maroon lips. Though I was hoping to get a dark, deep red shade like red wine, but it turned out to be a bending towards the cooler blue tones. It was a disappointing shade for me, but well, this does go pretty well with smokey eyes...

Perry Panther

Alot of brands have launched their own versions of black lipsticks in the recent year and every one has their own formula. Perry Panther didn't really wow me with their shade of black though. Probably it's the demi-matte formula, I find that I can't seem to get full black lips, no matter how many layers I apply. It just keeps giving me a faded dark grey. =/

All in all I love this twist to matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are never the best formula to pull off without having your lips looking like it's chapped. This demi-matte formula is creamier than the usual matte lipsticks and is more hydrating with a touch of sheen.

They are created with shea, aloe, and avocado butter so you can get a smooth and easy glide for your lips. They are not very long lasting though, I always have to touch up my lips after a meal. But nonethless, this affordable line might just be your introductory venture into coloured lipsticks.

Have you tried the lipsticks before? 
Do comment and share too. =)

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