LG G5 & Friends Announced On LG G5 Day

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Hi Huneybees,

A couple of days ago, we celebrated LG G5 Day in Singapore a very special way; a day in our favourite theme park - Universal Studios Singapore. Not only were we able to check out the all new LG G5 smartphone and its friends, we were also treated to a tour around USS and I had a ball of a time that day!

Ta dah! That's the LG G5 in my hand and I'm loving the easy grip and sleek design. I got to have it for the day and took pictures of my day in USS. We got to take pictures with the Easter Minions, took a ride to visit the Madagascar friends as well as a trip to Steven Speilberg's studio.

Here's a video to show ya how awesome this new smartphone is, say hi to their new cat mascot, isn't he adorable?!

See how sleek the LG G5 is.
That's a skinny little one.
So, as seen from the video, the LG G5 boasts of several new functions and one that made them stood out is that the Slide-out Battery compartment that is removable and exchangeable, which is super rare these days in the smartphone realm.

Whenever I get a smartphone, the camera's the first thing that I check out and I'm loving what G5's got to offer. The G5’s wide angle lens lets you choose between standard 78-degrees lens or wide angle 135-degrees lens to get more in the shot, which means I don't have to bring those add on Fish Eyes Lens, Wide Lens around anymore. See how much more your camera can see with the G5.

The 135-degree lens on the LG G5 offers a viewing angle that is approximately 1.7 times wider than those of existing smartphone cameras and 15 degrees wider than the human eye’s field of view. The wide angle lens makes it easier for users to capture more landscape, taller buildings or larger groups without having to position oneself further from the subject. 

With Standard Camera function.
With Wide Angle Lens function.
Other beauty of the G5 includes:

  • LG designers took the metal body concept one step further by adding a shiny cut edge for added contrast and a more comfortable grip.
  • Always-on Display makes notifications just a glance away with the time, date and more available anytime without waking the G5.
  • 3D Arc Glass featured in the smartphone’s 5.3-inch display creates a gentle curve and a smooth colorful metal surface through an advanced microdizing process which takes anodized aluminum to a whole new level
  • Insulative antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal uni-body.
  • Daylight Mode gives the G5 exceptional outdoor visibility beyond that of current auto brightness technology. It detects surrounding light conditions and instantaneously increases or decreses the brightness of the display, up to 850 nits, so even before your eyes have adjusted to the different lighting conditions, the G5 is already ready.
  • The first LG’s innovative Modular Type design gives the LG G5 the ability to transform into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player and more all while keeping its traditional removable battery in a full metal uni-body design for the first time ever. 

LG CAM Plus 

The LG CAM Plus is a versatile camera module that can be attached through the battery slot to deliver a comfortable grip and convenient control of a standalone camera. The LG CAM Plus provides physical buttons for power, shutter, record, zoom, LED indicator and comfortable grip. It also offers intuitive auto focus and exposure lock, features usually found on standalone digital cameras. When attached to the LG G5, it provides a battery capacity of 1,200mAh to allow for longer shooting times for more fun and enjoyment.

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY 

The LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY is an innovative portable Hi-Fi DAC developed in collaboration with B&O PLAY to meet the needs of those who seek to enjoy top-notch sounds that have traditionally only been available through high-end audio devices. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY stands out for its simple yet elegant Scandinavian design as well as premium sound technology. In addition to the 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upsampling technology first introduced on the LG V10, LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY also supports 32-bit 384KHz high-definition audio playback. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY can be used either as a module with the LG G5 or as a separate Hi-Fi DAC by connecting to any smartphone or PC. 

And as seen in the video above, here are the diverse range of companion devices which you can pair together with your LG G5 and get those most fun out of it.

The LG 360 VR can be tucked in like glasses
Focus adjustments can be done as per side.

LG 360 VR 

The LG 360 VR is a VR goggle that can be connected with the G5 via a dedicated cable and works exclusively with the G5 to simulate a 130-inch TV viewed from two meters away. It has a stylish design that is foldable so that users can easily carry and watch VR content anytime, anywhere. LG 360 VR comprises a set and light blocker. At just 134.3g, it is two thirds lighter than its market counterparts. The device is compatible with 360-degree images and videos captured with LG 360 CAM as well as all Google Cardboard content.

But one thing that I didn't like is that it's linked by wire, which means you can't get handsfree and the VR goggles can be a little heavy to be wearing like glasses, which means, you have to keep holding on to it too...

LG 360 CAM 

The LG 360 CAM is a compact 360-degree angle camera equipped with two 13MP 200degree wide angle cameras, 1,200mAh battery and 4GB internal memory, which can be supplemented by a microSD card. The LG 360 CAM can be easily connected to the LG G5 allowing users to create 360-degree content. The LG 360 CAM provides 2K video and 5.1 surround channel recording on three microphones to help users effortlessly create high-quality 360-degree contents. 

360 photos can be pretty fun to take, but when it's lowlight, it's a little too pixelated for my liking...
Thanks to the partnership with Google, images taken with the 360 CAM can be uploaded to Google Street View and YouTube360, adding the fun of sharing creative contents with others. The images will also be available to view on the LG 360 VR or other smartphones or devices that are capable of 360-degree content.

LG Rolling Bot
The LG Rolling Bot is a companion device that rolls like a ball while capturing images and videos with its embedded 8MP camera. Not just a toy, the LG Rolling Bot can be used as a monitoring system for the home, pet care companion as well as a remote controller for compatible home appliances. With an IP camera connectable via Wi-Fi, users can remotely monitor the interior of their homes with the LG G5 via live streaming.

LG Friends Manager 
Only available in the LG G5, Friends Manager is the hub application that allows the G5 to connect with LG Friends with minimal fuss and effort. LG Friends Manager automatically detects nearby LG Friends and connects quickly and easily in three simple steps, eliminating much of the hassle of pairing devices. 

Impacting Singapore in April 2016, the G5 will be available at all M1, Singtel, StarHub and authorized LG Mobile retailers. Retailing at S$988, the G5 will come in titan, pink and gold colors. 

As part of a special promotion, the G5’s battery charging kit, which comprises an extra battery and charger, worth S$168, will be included with every purchase while stocks last. 

From April 16 to May 31, 2016, purchase the “Module Bundle” comprising the LG CAM Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play at only S$274 (Usual Price S$456). Relish boundless entertainment on the road with this bundle. 

From May 1 to May 31, 2016, purchase the “360 Bundle” comprising the LG 360 VR and LG 360 CAM at a promotional price of S$590 (Usual Price S$946). Get ready to be whisked away to fictitious and faraway worlds.

In June 2016, Purchase with Purchase the LG Rolling Bot at S$398 (Usual Price S$498).

"Life's Good When You Play More" ~

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