“Kindness, It’s Up to Us” To Make The World A More Gracious Place

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The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) kicks off its 2016 media campaign today to encourage kindness and graciousness, with a brand new theme. Kindness, It’s Up to Us challenges Singaporeans to not only acknowledge that a nation of kindness starts with every individual, but to make the conscious decision to act out our innate kindness despite our reservations.   

An emotionally-charged short film, titled Sum of Our Moments, will be the first to roll out on Channels 5, 8, Suria and Vasantham on Monday, 28 March. The 60-second spot explores the dilemma faced by a soft-spoken young man, Lee, as he witnesses the scene of verbal abuse towards a service staff. As he deliberates his decision to intervene, a series of flashbacks show he has suffered for standing up to school bullies in his growing up years. While the painful experience remains etched in his mind, it does not hinder him from stepping in and calming the enraged customer down, to reach an amicable resolution. The full-length clip is available for viewing on the SKM’s Facebook and YouTube channel, KindnessSG, with a longer version available at a later date.  This year’s campaign will start from 28 March and will continue through to the end of May.   
The spot is complemented by a widespread of consistent messages on print and radio, as well as out-of-home (OOH) channels (see appendices). In keeping with the theme of Kindness, It’s Up to Us, the advertising will feature everyday situations familiar to most Singaporeans that call for an active display of kindness, to further encourage Singaporeans to choose kindness over the more common reaction of being a passive bystander or social media commentator in situations such as those highlighted.  
“We are heartened to see more and more people getting involved in pro-social activities and carrying out acts of kindness, but one significant barrier to getting people to act out their innate kindness is still the belief that ‘I better mind my own business and not get myself into trouble. By amplifying the decisions for kindness we can make in everyday scenarios, we hope to inspire and remind each other that it takes each and every one of us to choose to do the kind thing, to make kindness, graciousness and consideration values that our nation will be known for.”  --- Dr. William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

Kindness Day SG 2016  
The fourth edition of the annual Kindness Day SG, which falls on the second last Friday of May (20 May 2016), will bring Singaporeans across sectors together to celebrate kindness and graciousness in our society. This includes school children within their respective schools, the Ground Up Movements (GUMs) supported by SKM as well as corporate partners.  
Leading up to Kindness Day SG, several GUMs will be activating a series of purposeful acts of kindness. Through the GUMs’ involvement, SKM will reach out to various communities including sports enthusiasts, migrant workers, the elderly and low income households, as well as night shift workers. These activities will take place mostly on the weekends throughout the month of May and the public are welcome to join in.    
You can watch Sum of Our Moments on the SKM’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/KindnessSG. For more information of SKM’s Kindness, It’s Up to Us campaign and upcoming activities, please visit http://www.kindness.sg.  
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Singapore Kindness Movement - Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube  

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