Joss Stone Charmed Her Audience With Her Performance At Sing-Jazz 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

Day 2 of the Singapore International Jazz Festival 2016 concluded on a high note with Joss Stone, winner of  one Grammy Award and two BRIT Awards. She charmed the fully packed Event Plaza at the Marine Bay Sands Promenade with her strong vocal and free-spirit stage presence.

Dress in a lace green gradient dress and barefooted on the specially carpeted stage, the British Soul singer, sang songs from her latest album - Water for Your Soul - Harry's Symphony and Molly Town (a song she wrote about a lovely and sweet couple she met during one of her travel) as well as familiar hits from her previous albums like Super Duper Love and Fell In Love With A Boy where she got Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer to do a cameo. Yay! To GIRL POWER!!

An ideal girl next door, Joss Stone was very chatty and friendly throughout the one hour performance. She invited audiences to sing along with her and shared with them how she was attracted to her tenant whom has very beautiful eyes and decided to write a song "Landlord" to get him to move out of her house as it "F**ks with romance". I love how she incorporates impromptu lyric changes as she sang, showing a very real and natural side of singers.  

Being the last performer of the day (like Hiatus Kaiyote on previous night) Joss Stone faced the same issue of the countdown counter where she has to stop performing by 11pm sharp to make way for the laser visual show by Marina Bay Sands.  Even the counter typist was being cheeky, complimenting her beauty to ask her to stop. Well, compliments don't work, according to Stone. "What are we going to do in 11 minutes? Should we take a stand? We will just have to say no."

Although Joss Stone eventually give in due to possible threat of police arrest and risking power supply cut, as she cheekily put it, 
she 'rewarded' lucky fans for their supports with kisses on sunflowers given out randomly as she exit the stage.

Her gesture was truly a bright sun under the night sky as I was moved by that positivity exuding from her. 
 After the event, she even posted a pic of her makeup melting, not bothering how she looked and happy that the gig went well.

All in all, it was amazing Saturday evening spent under the stars with great music. We would have loved for some encore time but sadly time management wasn't planned nicely. It will be great if they could arrange for extra time next time. =P

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