Spice Things Up At SUVAI 2015 This Weekend

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are craving for something spicy this weekend, why not come join me and hop by the Singapore's First Indian Gourmet Festival - SUVAI 2015? It started on 30 Jul and will be ending to day, 2 Aug 2015 and there are tons of events to give you a peek into the Indian food culture...

You will be able to taste a diverse collection of Indian cuisine by top chefs, both from local and oversea, regardless of gender, race and religion! Not only were there traditional flavours, there's also a diverse collection of new tastes that tantalizes your taste buds. If you are like me, who loves a little spice and try new things, this is the place to be at today!

And speaking of spice, we witnessed 2 Guinness Record breaking events where 66 chefs worked together to make 15 tonnes of vegetable curry to break the World's Largest Curry record as well as a pot over 11m long to cook the curry in, setting a new World record for the World's Largest Cooking Vessel.

The large amount of curry was named SG50 CURRY, featuring an amazing total of 50 ingredients! It was shared with their fans on the spot and the rest was then packed into tubs and distributed to homes and dormitories around Singapore.

Whilst waiting for the curry to be weighed and packed, we went around the festival grounds and spoke with some of the chefs as well as tried out their creations. We aimed to try something from every booth, but seems like we overestimated ourselves. Hehehehe...

Mysore Lamb Ribs
Some I would recommend would be the Hot Indian Chick by Chef Devagi Sanmugam, Mysore Lamb Ribs by Chef Jonathan Lee, Saffron Tulang by Chef Sultanul Arfin, Potato Paneer and Croquette and Tandoori Baked Snapper by Chef Vik.

I like the surprising "explosion" of flavours these dishes made on my taste buds. I've always been a huge fan of Tulang, but normally my limit is 2, because of the gamy smell. But Chef Sultanul Arfin's Saffron Tulang, kept me wanting more.

Chef Sultanul Arfin's Saffron Tulang

After speaking with chef, I learnt that he went through a long process of blanching and improvisation to get rid of the gamy smell. To share a little of his secret with my Huneybees, he incorporated Singapore's Chilli Crab taste into this dish, no wonder it taste so familiar and irresistible! :)

As for Chef Vik's creations, it was a debate between hubby and I as he loved the Potato Paneer and Croquette, whilst I stand firm for the Tandoori Baked Snapper. Hubby liked the combination of potato and cheese in the croquettes and paired with the spinach puree, he finds them a great combination and very refreshing.

But for me, I'm more of a visual creature. The first look at the Tandoori Baked Snapper, I was already sold. But of course, the dish did not fail me too. The snapper was well marinated, presenting the Tandoori flavour where you can taste the spices used and when paired with the pickled cucumber, it was a balance of spicy and sour. And who knew chilli powder actually went well with potato puree?! I'm definitely gona be requesting chilli powder to go with my mash potato in future!

There're definitely even more dishes to try, more things to see and experience and you have got to head on over yourself to see it all!

SUVAI 2015
Date: 30 July - 2 August 2015
Time: 12pm – 10pm
Location: Tan Quee Lan Street, behind Bugis Junction
More details at: http://www.suvai.sg/

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