Gone Red & White For Singapore's 50th Birthday

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Hi Huneybees,

How was your SG50 celebration weekend? It's back to work day in a few more hours and I'm really gona be missing those few days where I could go out to stretch those muscles and spend some quality time with my hubby.  :)

Anyway, back to Singapore's Birthday - 9th August. We spent the day doing things Singapore related in red and white style and the very first thing I did was to brush my teeth with The Real Red toothpaste by Pearlie White.

It is a proudly made in Singapore oral care brand and with the lion head symbol, you know they will be bringing in smiles to Singaporeans all over the island. An early minty breath is definitely a must to kick start such a wonderful day!

Then, it comes down to dressing up. I had initially wanted to flash those unique one-piece-only SG50 x DEPRESSION T-Shirts and couple them with hubby, but in the end, hubby still insisted on being the "red" pair.

It was pretty ironic we both wore something comic fans would love, but hey, that's what makes us a couple eh?  :*

Though we had planned to head on out to go catch the NDP'15 airshow and fireworks, but for fear my back could not take it, we decided to stay home to catch the parade on TV. I wished that I could have done more, given that it was such a memorable day, being Singapore's 50th afterall.

It was a pity to have missed seeing the planes zipped by and the specially created SG50 fireworks right before my eyes.

Anyway, these were taken when I was passing by Kallang the other day, when the Black Knights were doing a rehearsal for NDP. This was as close as I could get to this year's celebration. Guess I can only hope for next year... :(

So, how did you spend your National Day? 
Do share your photos if you were at NDP LIVE! :P

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