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Hi Huneybees,

I don't think I can live without music. I'm always updating my playlists with the latest songs and I have different playlists for different occasions - happy songs to chase the Monday blues away, fast beat music that you can exercise to or soft, soothing songs to help me relax and get to sleep.

And if you are like me, you will understand why I'm always hopping to new choices of audio gadgets, trying out their quality when playing the music, or even finding the beautiful looking ones to be part of my fashion OOTDs. 

But most of the time, when I try the more economically priced earphones, the sound quality might be compromised or when I want better quality, that's when it gets pricier. It gets frustrating right?!

Not to worry, thanks to Hwee Seng Electronics, there's GoGear now! You get trendy, fashionably designed audio gadgets at affordable prices without missing the good, quality sound that can keep you company everyday, making you happy with the tunes of your choice. 

You can brighten up your world with their exciting posse of playfully named headphones and Bluetooth speakers that come in an eye-popping range of colors. Just by their earphones alone, you can already 5 different range - CozyBuds, Tunes, Sparklers, Turbos and Alumies, that's priced from S$9.90!

All 5 of these earphones come with the 1 button remote (play/pause) & mic for music and calls when you plug them into your smartphones. but each varies slightly with their sound system as well as sizes to suit your needs.

The CozyBuds is your entry level stereo earphones and almost the same quality as the Alumies, except that these babies comes in earbuds forms. The next level would be the Turbos, that's shaped a little like those racing car engines, with slightly better booster sound quality.

Of course, the ultimate ones are Tunes and Sparklers with Noise Isolating earphones and just 2dB difference in sensitivity. Putting them on, I really cannot hear my outside surrounding sounds, allowing you undisturbed indulgence to listening to your music as you work or go around your everyday routine.

And for those who wants wireless solutions, there is the Freerides Bluetooth Earphone and Easy Rider Bluetooth Headphone. I'm more of a earphones person as I find the headphone band a litte restricting when I'm in glasses and the Freerides earphones are so light, you almost feel nothing at all.

No matter how hard I shake my head, these earbuds would not drop, definitely a must-have for the exercise buffs and those who hate those get-in-the-way wires. You can wear them on its own, or put on those hooks to wear them for extra "grip". 

Both the earphones and headphones can be paired for call control with built in microphone. Say yes to wireless conversations and goodbye to having to 'kiap' your phone between your ears and shoulders! :)

But if you have great music, be sure to share that with your friends. Invite them over for parties, head on out for picnics or even road trips and staycations! There are 3 to choose from - 3-Way Awesome, Double Agent and Splash n Dash.

As its name suggests, the 3-Way Awesome plays music in surrounding all round 3 directions with 2 bass radiators and a main ‘beast’ speaker driver. It can be paired up via Bluetooth to your devices and can be played up to 6 hours. 

Nope, the Double Agent is not some special spy gadget, but it is also definitely not your usual bluetooth speaker. The portable Double Agent makes multi-tasking and sharing your secret playlists real smooth and easy on the go, allowing you to pair 2 smart devices at the same time with Bluetooth 3.0. You can lay it flat on the table or choose to hook them on wall hooks, in cars or even on tree branches! Hehe....

Something I've been wanting to get is a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker. Maybe coz watching too much of Hitchcock's "Psycho", I'm kena squirmish bathing alone in the quiet bathroom and normal bluetooth speakers are not waterproof, which might not be good to have on the bathroom.

Thankfully, I now have the Splash n Dash bluetooth portable speaker. It is IPX5 splashproof safe, can connect up to 10 metres and can be stuck onto any surface. Psst, it might even add some fun in the bathroom for couples. *wink*

So, with so many to choose from, have you made your choice? 
All GoGear products come with a one-year local warranty, and are now available at Mustafa and selected 7-eleven stores in Singapore.

GoGear in-ear earphones
  • CozyBuds: S$9.90
  • Tunes: S$16.90
  • Sparkles: S$19.90
  • Turbos: S$25.90
  • Alumies: S$29.90

GoGear Bluetooth earphone / headphone
  • Freerides Bluetooth Earphone: S$69.90
  • Easy Rider Bluetooth Headphone: S$69.90

GoGear Bluetooth speakers
  • 3-Way Awesome: S$59.90
  • Double Agent: S$79.90
  • Splash n Dash: S$49.90

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