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Hi Huneybees,

So sorry to have held on to this blog post, been on bed rest and had to hold out this information for so long. I bet you girls would have already seen the Summer's Eve campaign and promotion "splashed" all across social media already?

If not, then that's good. Let me, you Queen Bee share it with you. You know how much we have been focusing on buying skincare products to protect and beautify our face or hair products to keep those tresses neat and tidy?

Well, we might have forgot to pamper another body part. Yes, it might be our private "Hoo-Ha" and hidden from the public eyes, but that doesn't mean we should forget to take care of business down south right?

Have you already #SayYesToSexy? The ladies in the video above have already showed you your must-haves-BFFs that suits your needs. There's so many different products in their range to help you pamper your intimate area, so that you can go about your busy lifestyle, without having to worry about "what's going on down there"!
Stop thinking that just simply water or your daily body wash helps, this might simply make your intimate area feel even more uncomfortable and whilst not being cleaned the right way, you might itchy or perhaps give off unwanted secretion when not properly cared for!

Summer's Eve have been around since 1972 and with their extensive range of products, they are:
1. Gynecologist tested
2. Allergy tested
3. pH-Balanced
4. Proven, professional care

Ranging from feminine washes, wipes, douches, powders, deodorant sprays, cleansing mist to hydrating jelly, they have a product to suit your every intimate need.

With a clean and fresh intimate area, we can be confident and say Yes to sexy!

So, ladies, stop buzzing around and procrastinate to look after what's below.
You will definitely feel sexier with a fresher and cleaner intimate area.

Grab your last chance to "CHIONG" to GSS! Head down to your nearest @watsonssg store today and get your favourite Summer's Eve feminine hygiene products at 30% OFF! What's more!? For every $10 spent, you can redeem a FREE Summer's Eve Pouch! Simply send a photo of your receipt and your mailing particulars to "ask@summerseve.com.sg" after your purchase! *One (1) redemption per IC/receipt *Redemption is only applicable to receipt dated between 29 May and 26 July *Whilst stocks last *Item will be mailed out within 2 weeks of submission via normal mail (Summer’s Eve SG will not be liable for lost mail if address is not provided clearly and complete).‬ *CHIONG = local Singlish slang for Rush or Hurry #summersevesg #watsonssg #gss #sggss #greatsingaporesale #sgsale #bblogger #sgbeauty #sgig #sgdaily #igsg #femininewellness #femininehygiene #femininecare #freegift
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apologize for the late posting and you might have not have been able to join the contest, but you'll still be able to redeem a FREE Summer's Eve pouch when you purchase $10 Summer's Eve products at WATSONS.

You can also get free samples on their website www.summerseve.com.sg. Be sure to share the goodies with your friends too! Nothing beats feeling good about yourself, #SayYesToSexy today!

For more information
Summer's Eve Website: www.summerseve.com.sg

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