[What's New] ETUDE HOUSE Rewards Princesses With Decoden Kits

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Hi Huneybees,

I made a special trip down to ETUDE HOUSE at VivoCity on Monday just coz they have a special "Thank You" event for their supporting Princesses.

Well, being the big fan, of course I'm on the Royal Pink level already. Hehehehe...

For those we are on the same membership as me, you are in for a treat! Simply just by purchasing the Pearl Aura Cushion, you will receive a Cushion Case Decoden Kit for you to decorate your Cushion casings. 

And on top of that, you will get the new series - Loving Days Body Wash & Lotion, the coveted pink accessory pouch and a 20% off discount voucher for next purchase!

There are 2 designs to choose from and once you have made the payment, you will be lead to this private corner at the VivoCity's ETUDE HOUSE to decorate your very own Pearl Aura Cushion. 

I wanted the candy sweet decoden kit as I wasn't such a big fan of the Marc Jacobs-esque flower decoden kit, but side note, the flowers one was a hot favourite! I thought I would be getting the set home to decorate at my own sweet pace or with my own addition, but seems like you have to spend some time there to finish up, before you will be given that pink accessory pouch.

So, those who wanted to get their BFFs to help get, you have to trust their creativity skills and that they will do a good job on yours too?

This is what I made there and I still had some decoden left over as well as the Cream Glue, so if you want to do a little touch up when back home, you can go ahead and add more bling to them. I'm definitely gona get some crystals to add on. Hehehehe...

I'm gona end this post with what the Pearl Aura Cushion looks like. This BB Cream comes with added Pearl Brightener for you to create that pearly aura skin with a glow. I will share more once I've given it a test run. So stay tuned!

There is going to be another round of this event on 30 - 31 July 2015, at VivoCity ETUDE HOUSE from 12 - 8pm. Of course, if you are not a Royal Pink member yet, you are still welcome to come get your very own limited edition Decoden Kit. 

With any purchase of the Pearl Aura Cushion or $50 Nett Purchase, you too will get a set as well as a Pink Accessory Pouch! Do share your creations with me once you are done! Can't wait to see them. 

Have fun! :)

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