Everyone's Flipping To FLiPTV Asia, Why Not You?

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Hi Huneybees,

Straight after the New Year, I've been mad crazy with my overseas trips and packing my house in preparation for the Lunar New Year. I haven't been updating much also coz I've been watching some new interesting updates on FLiPTV Asia before heading to bed.

FLiPTV Asia is a brand new online video magazine showcasing the latest contemporary trends in Fashion, Lifestyle, Ideas and Performances. Hosted by Marcus ACAshleigh Martin (SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale) and Sandra Riley Tang (The Sam Willows), each helms the FLiP Style, FLiP Living and FLiP Music respectively.

Other than getting updates on the latest music on goings, I also got to know some interesting food hunts as well as seeing Ashleigh Martin's figure, it's hard not to want to rush to the gym immediately. It's pretty much my motivation these days!

Of course, my favourite has got to be the FLiP Style section where Marcus introduces the hottest fashion and beauty trends. There's also interviews with fashionista-s like Bryan Boy, Jeannie Mai, Lisa S, etc. I loved watching the quick-fire session with Daniel Wu one though. Who doesn't like a charming guy on screen eh?

So, come FLIP ON and watch FLiP-TV with me at fliptv.asia, anytime, anywhere!

For more updates, follow them on FB/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM - FLIPTV ASIA 


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