My Experience With OSIM uDurian & uFootsie

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Hi Huneybees,

Durian is not for eating but for massaging?!

Yes, with OSIM's latest uDurian Handheld Massager, you can look to improve blood circulation and relief any muscle aches. With spikes (protruding nodes)  like durian and 2 vibration modes, you can heighten the massage process by further stimulating the acupressure points on the body.

And with its unique handle and grip, you can loosen those muscle aches at any part of your body. Your arms, neck, shoulders, palms, stomachs, back, thighs, calves and even soles! Use it after exercising will also help relax those muscles, so you won't feel the muscle ache the next day.

The uDurian Handheld Massager arrived at my place just before Christmas and this was the best time for me to try and share the joy with my friends and family. I had a mahjong session with my girlfriends on Christmas Eve and everyone was taking turns using the uDurian Handheld Massager as we "PONG"!!!

Working those brains in relaxation!
The uDurian Handheld Massager might be a heavy tool to use on your own, especially when your muscles are aching, so it's advisable to have someone to hold the uDurian Handheld Massager for you. And for this instance, this is the best time for me to spend quality time with hubby. *winkz*

Other than the uDurian Handheld Massager, OSIM also sent me the uFootsie Leg Massager.

As it's name suggests, this is a foot pampering tool. When I saw the fur, I was already all filled with excitement and warmth, it look so adorable and I bet no girl will resist furry stuffs! However, it's a little too heavy to carry around, so it has always been placed in my room for my own use!

When I was in Harbin, the tour guide told us to keep our feet warm. Well, coz according to him, your feet gets cold the fastest and that's how you feel cold fast and tend to fall sick easily. And if you are someone who works in air conditioned places, this would be one thing to have under your table.

Not only does it have 5 steps of massages available for your tired calves and feet, there is also 2 levels or warmth to select. The uFootsie Leg Massager is inspired by the benefits of a warm-spa, providing soothing warm vibration massage to ease those tired legs of yours and enhance overall well-being.

Just 15 minutes every session, I can enjoy my favourite TV program or SMS my friends while enjoying the warm massages of uFootsie Leg Massager...

There are nights where I get startled up from leg cramps, but eversince I use the uFootsie Leg Masager nightly, the cramps have stopped and during day time, I find that I can walk longer distance without having to complain about tired legs! Yipee! More shopping time!

For more information, you can go to their website ---

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