Delicioso Sushi Burrito Here To Change Your Concept Of Fast Food

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Hi Huneybees,

An experience in the USA led to Sherry Ang's ingenious mix of Mexican and Japanese to-go food joint. Seeming like an unlikely combination, the concept has given birth to a healthy choice of burrito compared to what she had experienced in Los Angeles.

Being a health buff, she thinks that there has to be a healthier version to the burrito that she tasted. With much research and discussion with her chef, she has included more vegetables, less oil as well as calculated every calorie that each burrito consist. One full roll of their Sushi Burrito is equivalent to one meal.

With its easy to handle packaging and fuss free way of eating, this would be one choice to have during lunch crunch time, snack while in cinema or even in Sherry's case, bring onto flight.

Almost similar to a handroll, these sushi burritos come in full or half rolls, so you can add a little fun to it, mix and match the flavours to your meal - A sheet of nori wrapping a thin layer of sushi rice, together with sashimi or cooked meat and a generous portion of crunchy vegetables and home-made sauce - all assembled freshly into a burrito-sized hand roll.

With so many selection to choose from, Huney'Z World has picked out 2 top favourite to share with you...

Yummy Belly

Being a beef lover, this naturally fell into my top list, but what's amazing is that this has the lowest calories out of all the burritos because it is pan fried. With the large amount of greens - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onions, spring onions and carrots, this dish is delightfully light and yummy! The special sauce makes it very refreshing and this is definitely a hidden gem in the menu.

Signature Fried Back Roll

This is a special one as instead of the nori wrap, there's this crunchy crumbs on the outside, wrapping all the ingredients within - crab meat, tamago, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and cheese. The ingredients are simply oozing out of the burrito and it tasted so sweet, almost like having the whole Japan Sakura experience in your mouth!

Of course, there are also sides for you to go with your sushi burritos. Some to recommend would have to be the Shishamo Karaage, Gyoza, Forest Salad and Kawa Ebi Karaage With Garlic Chips.

Hubby and I loved the crispy mini Ebi and Garlic Chips. It such a nice snack, we couldn't stop chewing on it as we chat with Sherry. It goes so well with beer too!

Sushi Burrito is located at 100AM Shopping Mall, 01-06, 100 Tras Street and opens on Mon - Fri, 10am - 9.30pm (last order at 9pm).
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