Opening Show Of MTV EMA 2013

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Hi Huneybees,

Miley Cyrus might have toned down a little (just a little notch) on the MTV EMA 2013 opening. In a skin hugging latex silver dress, she appeared in a space helmet with Little Britney. I must admit, she looked so polished and she has a great body! Who can fit into that kind of dress and still look good?!

Of course her usual theatrics never stopped, on stage she played Little Britney's boobs while each other them took turns spanking asses and twerking. Even off stage, she toyed with the alien with her rocket mic. 

She finished off her Can't Stop with the bunch of aliens waiting for her at the other side of the stge and she introduced Redfoo, who topped her craziness with ripping his suit off, wearing just a shiny silver brief. All the thing stars would do for exposure....


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