Enjoy Wild West American Food At Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are a big foodie like me, always looking for interesting hangout places? Well, here's a suggestion - Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill. Looking at the logo and its name, you would have already guessed its all Wild Wild West here, big servings of juicy meats!

Located at 7 Portsdown Road, you can find the BBQ & Grill Restaurant tucked behind Mediapolis, where the future Mediacorp will be moved to. Maybe future celebrity spottings here? :D

You can choose to dine in the causal cowboy style restaurant setting or in the open-air “alfresco” atmosphere. We opted for the restaurant setting, it was more cosy and warm, just nice for us to chit chat. I was super glad to meet Issac, Darryl and Valentine. It's been a long time since we last met the ever busy Issac. (*I will update with the group photo once I get it off Issac. LOL!)

Cowboy hats for lampshades. How clever!

So, to kickstart the night, we had lady boss cum bartender - Denise Lee to make us some mojito-s while we got introduced to the menu by the warm and friendly staff. I guess we were too greedy and kinda over ordered, but well, it's good food. Weight losing for tomorrow eh? 

For soup, we had the Cream of Mushroom and Clam Chowder Soups. Served in the bread bowl, it was such a joy to have the soft white bread soaked in the essence of the soup and after which, crunchy on the outside to bite on. Reminds me of my UK trip......

For appetizers, we had Onion Rings (stacked on the wooden pole), Calamari Rings and Fried Mushrooms. Each of them had there special dips and I fell in love with the Blue Cheese dip that came with the mushrooms. It went very well with the mushrooms, bringing out the whole green grass fields atmosphere as I bite into them.

Yipee! So now onto the much awaited meat-fest! One to highlight have got to be their Buffalo Wings, namely 'The Good", "The Bad" and "The Ugly". (I wonder if I had the Clint Eastwood Buffalo Wings. LOL!) They are the different levels of spiciness and that night Level 2 was too spicy for me, so the lovely people at Chuckwagon, got me the Level 0!

Other main dishes we had were also - Ribeye Steak, Pork Ribs, Carbonara Pasta as well as a Prosciutto Funghi Pizza.

And to end it all off, don't forget to leave some space for desserts! I recommend the Limoncello Lemon with Ice Cream. If you not already know, Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur, when served cold, it helps in digestion. So when you have a full stomach, this would be the best choice!

Their desserts are all Italian desserts, so fans of Tiramisu, be sure to try it here!

Ok, I'm off to go get some munchies. All this food is making me so hungry... >.<|||

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How to get to Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill
A simple way to get there is to get to One North MRT Station, hop onto Bus No. 191 at North Buona Vista Road (Bus Stop Number: 11379) and alight Before Whitchurch Road (Bus Stop Number: 18191).

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 4pm to 11.30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

More information can be found on their Website http://chuckwagonsg.com and Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ChuckwagonSG


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