Fullhouse Signature Is Now At Clarke Quay!

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Hi Huneybees,

Yes! After a long wait, Thomas (dad), Tracy (Mom), Tony (Son) & Tiffani (Daughter) is back!

The themed restaurant - Fullhouse is now back back in business with their Fullhouse Signature restaurant, located in Clarke Quay!

The wall is simply too adorable! We couldn't resist getting more pictures!

As like when it was back in Rendezvous Hotel, Fullhouse Signature revolves around the family theme, with an English country house style, it is the best place for family gatherings, hanging out with friends and of course wedding solemnization!

The themed for this restaurant is simply so dreamy with Tiffani dressed like a princess and Tony in suit with a violin, no wonder Thomas and Tracy are ready for another wedding anniversary here! *Psst, there are wedding gowns flown in from Hong Kong where you can rent for your wedding photos shoots!*

Thomas had charmed all the ladies!
Seperated into 2, the restaurant has different areas to suit your mood. One is the "outdoor" garden area where there is a stage and cosy sofas for a little tea delight, whilst the other side is the dining room area, where you can enjoy your meals while looking down at the Clarke Quay crowd below.
The Garden Area
The huge cage in the middle of the room is simply too captivating!
Tiffani in disguise.
The Dining Room

With the new location, comes a whole new menu where they get their own local chefs to whip up the food for customers. So, here's a review on some of their signature food. Don't read with an empty stomach! Hehehehe....

To kick off the food tasting session, we had some drinks to quench our thirsts. My favourite have got to be the Lemon Mojito. It's a refreshing twist to the usual soda and it's as though you are on a summer vacation as you sip down this cooler.


Served warm and creamy, this has got to be one of my favourite Mushroom Soups so far. The soup is smooth, rich in taste and with every bite, you can find a generous amount of mushroom bits.
Cream of Forest Mushroom


For starters, we had the Crunchy Cheese Sticks, Golden Crabmeat Ball and Italian Meatball. Cheese lovers like me will definitely like the mozarella cheese sticks, but if you are looking to have the sticky pulling of cheese action, you are wrong. But nonetheless, I'm still a biased cheese lover. LOL!

 Crunchy Cheese Sticks 
Golden Crabmeat Ball
Italian Meatball

Main Dishes

Fullhouse Ravioli 
Best eaten while hot, this ravioli stuffed with minced prawns, squids and spinach is filling and tasty, without leaving a heavy feel of too much baked cheese. 

Braised Lamb Shank 
This lamb shank should be shared by at least 2 people. With a hearty portion of mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables, the tender meat would best go well with a glass of red wine!

Scallop Aglio Spaghetti 
This pasta dish is a tad too spicy for me. Even though the pasta and scallops were cooked to the right tenderness, I could only withstand one small bite. Do ask for less spicy is you are not a fan of spicy hot.

Grilled Chicken Chop with Raisin Black Pepper Sauce 
Served with mashed potatoes and greens, this sweet chicken chop will definitely satisfy your hunger. It's juicy and flavorful taste is all wrapped under the chicken skin, making it "melt" in your mouth... 


Banana Paradise
A twist to your usual goreng pisang (Friend banana), served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with a raspberry. I love the ice cream and knowing it's in-house made, make it taste so much more creamy and yummy! I didn't really like the fried bananas as they seemed a tad too oily to end off my meal. 

Molten Chocolate Cake
 There we were preparing our cameras for the melting chocolate as we cut the cake, only to be disappointed to find that nothing was oozing out. But that aside, the rich chocolatey taste of the cake with a slight sourness of the strawberry, topped with the ice cool vanilla ice cream was definitely my way to end a lovely dinner. I won't be sharing this, definitely have to have one all to yourself!

For those who would like to have something alcoholic, you should have a glass of Snow White on Fire! Other than the fairytale name, this drink is like the usual Waterfall you have at clubs, with a sweet and milky twist. And of course, with the flames, you guys are in for a visual treat!

So, my darling Huneybees, if you are interested to head over to Fullhouse Signature for a treat, you have to check out this promotion just for you!

From now till 10 December 2013, flash this image below to enjoy this special deal. Simple scan the QR code (Below) or save this image on your phone. Remember to flash it before ordering!

A big shout out to Fullhouse Signature and Mapwerkz for the invite! Thank you guys for the wonderful night!

Fullhouse Signature
3A, Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04 (Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay)

Opening hours: 11:30am – 01:00am daily
Contact: (+65) 6338 0885
Email Reservation: reservation@fullhouseworld.com


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