Results of 12 Days to Christmas Giveaway

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Hi Huneybees,

How was your Christmas celebration?

I have had been a busy queen bee preparing for several festive gatherings, hence I didn't manage to find the right time to post the results.
* Even my Christmas presents are not opened yet... :(  *

Here are the winners of Huney'Z World 12 days to Christmas Giveaway ....

Day 12 (Tickets to Christmas Village @ The Tropics) - Issac Ritz
Day 11 (Tiger Beer "Hamper") - Oscar Chee
Day 10 (Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate) - Juliana Ang
Day 9 (Ernest Seah Pin Cushion Clutches) - Celine Ng
Day 8 (Project Biscotti) - Nina Yeo
Day 7 (Ernest Seah Backpacks) - Peiyun Tan (Pink) & Fiercemadamtiffany Smile (Olive)
Day 6 (GoGreen Funride Tickets) - Alex Lee & Annie Tan
Day 5 (OWL Goodie Bags)* -  Nina Yeo, Shumei Lee, Naomi Lizaso, Josh Ong & Ray Ho
Day 4 (The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Goodie Bag) - Naomi Lizaso
Day 3 (LJH Oxygen Bubble Brightening Mask) - Oscar Chee
Day 2 (Ernest Seah Laptop Bags and Jewelled Purses) - Oscar Chee (Grey) & Vincent Lee Wee Ping (Pink)
Day 1  - (Philosophy The Cookbook Set) - Kaori Lizaso

Congratulations to all the winners!
I will be contacting you via Facebook on your prize collection soon..

*Due to problems to the Day 5 link, I decided to pick 5 random readers to win the OWL Goodie Bag


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