[Read Me] Clarification to 12 Days to Christmas

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Hi Huneybees,

I have decided to do this blog post because I have been swamped with many questions since the start of the  12 days to Christmas Giveaway.

Question 1
Could I still qualify for the chance to participate in your aged Christmas Giveaways posts?

Ans: YES! For example today is 8th Day to Christmas and you are interested in (say) [Giveaway] Counting Down to Christmas - 11 Days  that was posted 3 days ago, you could still! All Giveaways are open to 24th December @ 23:59hrs (Singapore Time).

Question 2
Are all the 12 days to Christmas Giveaway qualification/participation rules & instruction the same?

Ans: No, do read and follow the step by step methods that I have posted at the end of each Giveaway blog post. 

Question 3
What happened if I forgot to 'TAG' Huney'Z World Facebook Page in the comments to win the Giveaways?

Ans: Well, just re-participate by adding "@Huney'Z World" to your comment. Be sure to 'LIKE' Huney'Z World Facebook Page first.

Question 4
How many winners for each Christmas Giveaway?

Ans: Depends. Unless stated, usually it's one winner per Christmas Giveaway.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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