Looking Back At The OUTSIDER Fashion Art Festival

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Hi Huneybees,

October I call it the fashion month. With so many fashion shows and updates for the new season, there was so much to see, so much to change. But one that was memorable had got to be the OUTSIDER Fashion Art Festival that ran from October 20 - 22.

The location was unorthodox, not some grand hallways or ballroom, but in a hypermart - BigBox, in the suburban neighbourhood area - Jurong. Titled OUTSIDER, this anti-elitist fashion art festival features works from a range of young emerging fashion brands from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Thailand; 10 Singapore artists created visual art installations, plus 45 works created by fashion graduates from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). A total of 65 young Singaporean and Asian creatives being given a public platform to show off their talents!

OUTSIDER is organized by creative agency Untitled Collective, founded by Zachary Goh and together with Toby Hsu, they have over 17 years in the creative scenes in Singapore and China.

This first OUTSIDER event sees the team bringing fashion and art that’s not mainstream to the general public to create interesting conversations in the Heartlands of Singapore. It’s a passion project to spread the love for fashion and creativity across Asia and whether they profit from it is not on their top priority.

"Many fashion events are exclusive - if you can't secure an invitation or you are not in a certain clique of people, you wouldn't be able to attend. We wanted to do quite the opposite."

There was so many insta-worthy spots and the highlight has got to be the fashion show that features all 13 designers at the event. The brands included Singapore labels Faculty and Voltaire.Visions, plus Lanneret, Alias, Ms Yeeyee, 1=X and Mimblanche from China; Makin Jan Ma, Methodology and Absurd Laboratory from Hong Kong, Batice from Taiwan, Man Chien from Malaysia and Q Design and Play from Thailand. Iconic footwear brand Converse also celebrated its Chuck Taylor All Stars’ 100th year anniversary with an art installation space.

I'm definitely in love with this fresh new take on fashion and art. The fashion pieces will be breathing in new air for our wardrobes and hearing that Zachary and Toby are planning for this to be a yearly event,  I'm definitely looking forward to the new OUTSIDER event! 

For more information and details on the works of art and designers, go to http://outsider.sg/.


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