I Did My First Bungee At AJ Hackett Sentosa!

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Hi Huneybees,

Some fifteen years ago at the famous Cyprus beach resort of Ayia Napa, under the influence of some strong drinks and moment of impulse I suggested to do it with my then-girlfriend but she chickened out; and fifteen years fast forward, in absence of Queen Bee, I pick up my courage and I am glad that I finally did it!

Because of so many horrible reports, stories and even videos on Youtube about botched bungy jump and almost all ended badly, most people (including myself) tend to shun away from it.

Mr AJ Hackett speaking at the opening ceremony of AJ Hackett Sentosa

But why now?
Well..because Mr. AJ Hackett, the kiwi entrepreneur who popularized the extreme sport of bungy jumping said so during his speech at the inauguration of AJ Hackett Sentosa that his latest venture in Singapore is the safest bungy jump facility in the world! You might think I'm silly to believe such sales pitch but if you will to rethink about it, why would the conservative (Kiasi) Singapore government even allow such activity to take place on its world famous touristy island if not enough precaution and safety regulation have already been put in place?! That's why the trusty Singaporean mentality in me choose to believe the claim that Mr. AJ Hackett made.

After having my weight measured, my pocket emptied and the indemnity form signed, I was given the ticket to travel up to the 47th floor of the bungy tower to jump!
Honestly I could hear my heart pumping louder and faster as I stepped out of the lift onto the bungy platform that oversee the Siloso Beach.

The jump was harder than I thought. Standing at the edge of bungy tower that is 50m above the ground on Sentosa Island with no support but a bungy rope hooked to the half-harness strapped around my body, with both my arms raised unassisted to each side, was more scary than I first imagined. At the point, many things ran through my mind including those horrified botched jump images but my only option presented in front of me, amid many pairs of eyes staring, was to take a leap forward and I did!

The whole jump lasted just a few seconds but I could vividly remembered my body was flip-flopping, like a fish out of water, in thin air before the tension on my half-harness pulled my body from hitting 3.5m pool below me. Afterward I was just spinning in circles until a voice called out for me to reach out to a safety white rode to be pulled to a nearby mattress for unhook.

While I suffered a bit of giddiness aftermath due to the spinning, I was really glad that I made that choice to jump! I was rewarded with a Tshirt for my first jump as well as an e-certificate!

AJ Hackett, the company responsible for the adrenaline rush of almost four million people around the world is in Singapore! Singapore’s first and only bungy tower stands 50m above the ground on Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island. The site also features the Skybridge, a 40m walkway with see-through sections. On it, the Paulaner Sundowner Deck, Huneybees can capture the best sunset views in Siloso.

For the less adventurous Huneybees, you also have the choice of doing the 42m vertigo-inducing Vertical Skywalk or a drop and swoop on the Giant Swing.

AJ Hackett Sentosa opens daily from Monday to Thursday 11am - 7pm and Friday to Sunday 11am - 10pm. 


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